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The Flintstones

YABBA-DABBA-DO! An elaborate, expensive and commercially speaking very successful live-action adaptation of the classic animated 1960-1966 TV series – but it can’t escape a plastic and rubbery feeling as it’s tried perhaps a bit too hard to get close to the original. Kids might like it better (although the original should impress them more); it’s … Continue reading The Flintstones

When We Rise

The Milk (2008) writer’s ambitious odyssey through 45 years of fighting for LGBT rights in America starts with gays finding their voice in San Francisco in spite of persistent police brutality and ends with the Supreme Court paving the way for same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Focus lies on several real-life characters that we … Continue reading When We Rise

A League of Their Own

A WOMAN’S PLACE IS ON HOME, FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD. When America enters World War II, Major League Baseball is forced to change; a newly formed women’s league attracts unorthodox players… and one very reluctant coach (Tom Hanks). Big (1988) director Penny Marshall reunited with the star of that film for another charming comedy, this … Continue reading A League of Their Own


AN IMMORTAL LEGEND. AS YOU’VE ONLY IMAGINED. In the 19th century, a British couple is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa; when they’re subsequently killed by a leopard, their infant son is raised by gorillas. Edgar Rice Burrough’s story became the basis for one of the last box-office hits that Disney had during its great … Continue reading Tarzan

Fatal Instinct

TORN BETWEEN HIS WIFE, A SEDUCTRESS AND A PET SKUNK… PRIVATE EYE IN DANGER OF SPREADING HIMSELF TOO THIN! Private eye Ned Ravine (Armand Assante), who also happens to be a cop and a defense attorney, is attracted to saucy blonde Lola Cain (Sean Young); his wife (Kate Nelligan) eventually starts plotting against him. The … Continue reading Fatal Instinct