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THE OCEAN IS CALLING.  The 16-year-old daughter of a chief leaves her tribe and Polynesian island to find the demigod Maui, bringing a mystical stone that was lost for a millennium. Inspired by Polynesian mythology and the stories about the shapeshifting Maui in particular, the legendary Disney directors delivered their first entirely computer-animated film in … Continue reading Moana

The Princess and the Frog

After falling victim to a voodoo witch doctor who turns him into a frog, Prince Naveen tries to break the curse with help from a waitress called Tiana, but she’s also turned into a frog. Five years after making its “last” hand-drawn film, Home on the Range (2004), Disney returned in style with another adventure made in the … Continue reading The Princess and the Frog

The Great Mouse Detective

CAN HE BRING THE DIRTY RAT TO JUSTICE? In 1897, a famous mouse detective is hired to find a kidnapped toymaker; the dastardly Professor Ratigan needs the inventor to help him overthrow the Queen. The first film John Musker and Ron Clements made for Disney is a delightful and funny rodent version of Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading The Great Mouse Detective

Treasure Planet

FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE.  Somewhere in outer space, teenager Jim Hawkins joins the crew of a universe-faring galleon as a cabin boy; he is befriended by a cyborg cook but doesn’t know that a mutiny is in the works. This Disney take relocates the old Robert Louis Stevenson tale to space but keeps … Continue reading Treasure Planet


THE MAN. THE MYTH. THE MOVIE.  Hades, god of the underworld, turns Hercules, son of the Greek god Zeus, into a human being; now Hercules must prove that he’s a hero in order to regain his divinity. Disney doesn’t mind Hollywoodizing every legend they can get their hands on; this liberal take on the old … Continue reading Hercules