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Chinatown: Polanski’s Farewell to America

In the early days, Los Angeles was just a village. But as it grew in the late 19th century, it needed a better water supply. A decision was made to build an aqueduct that would bring water from the Owens Valley into the city, but the question of who owned water rights led to a … Continue reading Chinatown: Polanski’s Farewell to America

Rosemary’s Baby: Something Wicked This Way Comes

PRAY FOR ROSEMARY’S BABY. After making Repulsion, Cul-De-Sac and The Fearless Vampire Killers in England, three very good films that differed a lot in style but all had elements of horror in common, Roman Polanski married Sharon Tate whom he had met on the set of the last film and moved to the United States. … Continue reading Rosemary’s Baby: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Fearless Vampire Killers: Transylvanian Delight

WHO SAYS VAMPIRES ARE NO LAUGHING MATTER? Those who know Roman Polanski from his arresting dramas and thrillers are not always familiar with his sense of humor. It is certainly evident in most of his films, but in discreet ways. That is not the case with The Fearless Vampire Killers, an unashamedly silly horror-comedy. However, … Continue reading Fearless Vampire Killers: Transylvanian Delight

The Pianist: The Art of Survival

MUSIC WAS HIS PASSION. SURVIVAL WAS HIS MASTERPIECE. There’s a scene in Roman Polanski’s film where a Jewish ghetto police officer pulls the main character out of a line waiting to climb aboard a train to a death camp. After being told that his life was just saved, the protagonist begins to run away, but … Continue reading The Pianist: The Art of Survival

The Ghost Writer: Assisting Blair/Polanski

For Roman Polanski, the journey of The Ghost Writer ended in prison. After being arrested by Swiss authorities in September 2009, the filmmaker faced extradition to the U.S. on a 33-year-old conviction of unlawful sex with a minor. Not a person who gives up easily, Polanski spent his time in jail both fighting the extradition … Continue reading The Ghost Writer: Assisting Blair/Polanski

The Tenant

HOW COULD HE ESCAPE FROM HIS NIGHTMARES? Trelkovsky (Roman Polanski) rents a Paris apartment; the last tenant threw herself out of the window and Trelkovsky begins to feel the haunting effect of his new home. The last chapter of the director’s unofficial “apartment trilogy” goes along the same lines as Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby; it’s a psychological thriller about … Continue reading The Tenant

The Ninth Gate

THE ONLY THING MORE TERRIFYING THAN SEARCHING FOR THE DEVIL… IS FINDING HIM. Rare-book detective Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) is hired by Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) to find two copies of a famous book he owns, an occult text allegedly written by the Devil; however, the search becomes dangerous. Director Roman Polanski returns to one … Continue reading The Ninth Gate


DANGER. DESIRE. DESPERATION.  When American surgeon Richard Walker (Harrison Ford) and his wife Sondra (Betty Buckley) arrive in Paris for a conference, it doesn’t take long for Sondra to vanish without a trace. Roman Polanski’s most talked-about thriller of the 1980s has a Hitchcockian flavor, with its mysterious disappearance, a few dizzying scenes on the … Continue reading Frantic

Repulsion: Cracks in the Façade

THE NIGHTMARE WORLD OF A VIRGIN’S DREAMS BECOMES THE SCREEN’S SHOCKING REALITY! Some people seem to think of this movie as one of the great horror classics, but I can’t help seeing it as primarily a touching tragedy. It’s a psychological study of a human being whose mental problems grow increasingly bigger as the people … Continue reading Repulsion: Cracks in the Façade