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The Aristocrats

NO NUDITY. NO VIOLENCE. UNSPEAKABLE OBSCENITY.  This documentary is certainly one of the most foul-mouthed movies you will ever see, so don’t miss the opportunity. Allegedly, it features 100 comedians (I haven’t counted them) talking about the most famous joke of the trade, the one that ends with the punchline “The Aristocrats”, and gives anyone … Continue reading The Aristocrats

What Dreams May Come

AFTER LIFE THERE IS MORE. THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Chris and Ann Nielsen (Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra) lose their children in a car crash and eventually Chris dies as well, arriving in heaven… where he learns terrible news about his wife. Another mushy Williams drama, but this one is reasonably substantial. Williams’s character … Continue reading What Dreams May Come

House of D

SEE THE WORLD A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. An American (David Duchovny) in Paris tells his wife what it was like growing up in Greenwich Village and hanging out with a retarded man (Robin Williams). Duchovny’s semi-autobiographical directing debut is a sweet story that depends almost entirely on its actors. Anton Yelchin is excellent as the 13-year-old; … Continue reading House of D

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

REMARKABLE. UNBELIEVABLE. IMPOSSIBLE. AND TRUE. An old man interrupts a rowdy theater rendition of baron Munchausen’s life to let the audience know who the real guy was. Do you dare challenge his words? A series of colorful vignettes follow this introduction; they are fast and funny, as the most notorious liar in all literature visits … Continue reading The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

AI: Do Androids Dream?

JOURNEY TO A WORLD WHERE ROBOTS DREAM AND DESIRE.   In a way, this is a tale of two men. They were both born in the U.S. Both made movies in Hollywood – one of them remained faithful to the dream factory, the other guy considered his integrity threatened and moved to England. Both are … Continue reading AI: Do Androids Dream?