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House of D

SEE THE WORLD A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. An American (David Duchovny) in Paris tells his wife what it was like growing up in Greenwich Village and hanging out with a retarded man (Robin Williams). Duchovny’s semi-autobiographical directing debut is a sweet story that depends almost entirely on its actors. Anton Yelchin is excellent as the 13-year-old; … Continue reading House of D

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

REMARKABLE. UNBELIEVABLE. IMPOSSIBLE. AND TRUE. An old man interrupts a rowdy theater rendition of baron Munchausen’s life to let the audience know who the real guy was. Do you dare challenge his words? A series of colorful vignettes follow this introduction; they are fast and funny, as the most notorious liar in all literature visits … Continue reading The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

AI: Do Androids Dream?

JOURNEY TO A WORLD WHERE ROBOTS DREAM AND DESIRE.   In a way, this is a tale of two men. They were both born in the U.S. Both made movies in Hollywood – one of them remained faithful to the dream factory, the other guy considered his integrity threatened and moved to England. Both are … Continue reading AI: Do Androids Dream?