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Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

A TENNIS STAR PLAYS A MATCH WITH MURDER! In the early 1950s, the ever reliable Alfred Hitchcock hadn’t produced a truly memorable film since Notorious (1946), even if Rope (1948) was an exciting experiment. Then he laid his hands on Patricia Highsmith’s first novel, reportedly for a very small sum, which he managed by keeping … Continue reading Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

The Sea of Grass

BIG AS ITS STARS! Lutie (Katharine Hepburn) marries Jim Brewton (Spencer Tracy), a New Mexico cattle baron, but their differences soon force them to separate; her subsequent affair with Jim’s enemy has far-reaching consequences. Director Elia Kazan once stated that this is the only one of his films that he’s ashamed of. A bit harsh, … Continue reading The Sea of Grass