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Jackie Brown

SIX PLAYERS ON THE TRAIL OF A HALF A MILLION IN CASH. THERE’S ONLY ONE QUESTION… WHO’S PLAYING WHO? At the same time as she’s having an affair with her bondsman (Robert Forster), flight attendant Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) makes deals with a gun runner (Samuel L. Jackson) and an ATF agent (Michael Keaton). Quentin … Continue reading Jackie Brown

London Has Fallen

THE WORLD’S LEADERS HAVE ASSEMBLED. SO HAVE THEIR ENEMIES. When world leaders, including U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), gather in London for the funeral of the British prime minister, terrorists attack the city in full force. The director’s first American film is a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and it’s just as preposterous. … Continue reading London Has Fallen


HIS NEXT TARGET IS NOW HUNTING HIM. After surviving an attack in London, U.S. Embassy employee Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) finds herself on the run from her superiors and one of the world’s best assassins, a man called “The Watchmaker” (Pierce Brosnan). The film ends with a message, written in earnest, about how many acts … Continue reading Survivor

Olympus Has Fallen

WE ARE NEVER STRONGER THAN WHEN WE ARE TESTED. When a North Korean terrorist and his elite team take over the White House and hold the President (Aaron Eckhart) hostage, one Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) has a shot at saving the day. This old-fashioned, highly charged action thriller virtually plays like a remake of … Continue reading Olympus Has Fallen

The Descendants: Trouble in Paradise

In a recent interview, Alexander Payne said that he’s only made minor films and that he’s still hoping to make a really good one someday. Well, considering his output (five films, all of them deserving three-and-a-half to five-star ratings), he’d better deliver one hell of a classic masterpiece in the future. The Descendants, his first movie … Continue reading The Descendants: Trouble in Paradise

Twin Peaks: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It is quite possible that David Lynch will be primarily remembered for Twin Peaks, a TV series that became an instant hit on ABC (and subsequently worldwide), but quickly fell out of favor with viewers. Together with Mark Frost, the director came up with the idea of a mysterious series with no answers where a … Continue reading Twin Peaks: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Lucky Number Slevin

WRONG TIME. WRONG PLACE. WRONG NUMBER. Two rivaling crime bosses (Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley) mistake Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) for being someone he’s not and give him tasks to perform that could change his life. A compellingly directed and designed movie that takes us on a journey with a few surprises that make sense – as … Continue reading Lucky Number Slevin

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

YOU CAN’T ALWAYS RUN FROM YOUR PAST. Successful photographer (and male slut) Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey) is approached by the ghost of his late uncle (Michael Douglas) who tells Connor that he will be visited by girlfriends of the past, present and future. An unusual take on Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”. Never genuinely funny or … Continue reading Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Mulholland Dr.

A LOVE STORY IN THE CITY OF DREAMS. Small-town girl Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) arrives in Hollywood to try her luck; she finds an amnesiac woman (Laura Elena Harring) hiding in her aunt’s house. After the excellent but conventional The Straight Story (1999), director David Lynch went back to weirdness. Originally a pilot for a … Continue reading Mulholland Dr.


THEY WILL MAKE HIM STEAL, BUT HE WILL MAKE THEM PAY.  When his family is taken hostage by Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) and his team, security chief Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is forced to come up with a way to rob his own bank on their behalf. Director Richard Loncraine reunited with his Wimbledon (2004) … Continue reading Firewall

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

THIS SUMMER THE ANGELS ARE BACK. Charlie’s three angels (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu) matches wits with a fallen angel (Demi Moore) as they try to find two rings that contain valuable intelligence. This sequel goes for bigger is better, but the increased number of comedy routines is no help when the jokes aren’t funny. … Continue reading Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle


CHECK IN. RELAX. TAKE A SHOWER. The pointlessness of Gus Van Sant’s project is staggering; plays are restaged all the time, for instance, but rarely does anyone try to copy a specific famous production of one. Few changes have been made to this scene-by-scene remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece, but they’re all bad. The … Continue reading Psycho