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Taxi Driver: Rough Justice

ON EVERY STREET, IN EVERY CITY, THERE’S A NOBODY WHO DREAMS OF BEING A SOMEBODY. Travis Bickle can’t stand the streets of New York. He’s waiting for the rain that will wash the trash off the streets, all the thieves, murderers, queers, pimps, hookers. They’re all the same to him. He can’t sleep, which is … Continue reading Taxi Driver: Rough Justice

This Boy’s Life

HE LOOKED LIKE THE IDEAL HUSBAND. HE SEEMED LIKE THE PERFECT FATHER. THAT’S JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY GOT. Caroline Wolff (Ellen Barkin) and her teenage son (Leonardo DiCaprio) move to Concrete, Washington where she marries a car mechanic (Robert De Niro)… but he turns out to be a hard-drinking brute. … Continue reading This Boy’s Life

The Fan

FEAR STRIKES. Knife salesman Gil Renard (Robert De Niro) is denied the right to visit his son, and the frustrations in his life turn his vicious attention to ace baseball player Bobby Rayburn (Wesley Snipes). A stalker thriller that tries to be more than just that, but fails miserably. De Niro knows how to intimidate audiences, … Continue reading The Fan