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WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) decides to recreate the road trip to Walley World that his parents took him on 30 years ago, this time with his wife (Christina Applegate) and two sons. A reboot of the original Vacation franchise that also plays pretty much like a remake of the first film. … Continue reading Vacation

Death at a Funeral

THIS IS ONE SAD FAMILY. As Aaron Barnes (Chris Rock) is preparing for the funeral of his father, it is gearing up to be a disaster. Only three years after Frank Oz’s hilarious British comedy comes the remake, directed by Neil LaBute who’d already made a mess out of the Wicker Man remake. As it is very close … Continue reading Death at a Funeral

Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt

David E. Kelley has a silly side. Sure, he’s a former Boston lawyer. Yes, he’s married to Michelle Pfeiffer and yes, he’s now a successful television producer. But at least two of his shows, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, have exposed him as a person who thinks the world of courtrooms and law firms is too much fun … Continue reading Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt

Scary Movie 4

THE FOURTH AND FINAL CHAPTER OF THE TRILOGY. Cindy (Anna Faris) moves into a haunted house and familiarizes herself with the neighbor (Craig Bierko)… but then aliens attack Earth. Director David Zucker’s second stab at this franchise mainly spoofs War of the Worlds (2005), but includes many other parodies, such as one of The Village (2004) that is … Continue reading Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 3

YOU’LL DIE TO SEE THESE RINGS. Finally, they got rid of those Wayans brothers and hired the people who virtually created this genre, including David Zucker. Primarily it is The Ring and Signs that are being spoofed here, as a reporter (Anna Faris) finds out that a deadly videotape has something to do with circles in crop fields. But … Continue reading Scary Movie 3