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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

This sequel took nine years to make and once again Robert Rodriguez collaborated closely with Frank Miller to create a nightmarish comic-book visual style – but neither critics nor audiences seemed to care. Just as episodic as the original, with Miller contributing two fresh stories, but several of the old characters return. Josh Brolin replaces … Continue reading Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Unlawful Entry

DESIRE, PASSION, LUST… IT’S A DEADLY GAME OF OBSESSION.  After being attacked by an intruder, a couple (Kurt Russell, Madeleine Stowe) are helped by a friendly LAPD officer (Ray Liotta)… but he develops an obsession with the wife. One of many psychopathic thrillers that washed over us in the early 1990s, this one targeting an … Continue reading Unlawful Entry

Muppets Most Wanted

TAKING THE WORLD BY FARCE. This sequel to the 2011 reboot begins immediately after its last scene, with a big number called “We’re Doing a Sequel”, followed by the introduction of a villainous agent (Ricky Gervais) who sets up a European tour for the Muppets. It turns out to be a scheme where a criminal … Continue reading Muppets Most Wanted

Crazy on the Outside

HE SURVIVED THREE YEARS OF HARD TIME. NOW COMES A LITTLE FAMILY TIME.  After being released from prison, Thomas Zelda (Tim Allen) moves in with his sister (Sigourney Weaver)… and soon learns that she was lying when she told him that the love of his life is dead. Allen’s directing debut reunites him with several … Continue reading Crazy on the Outside

The Iceman

LOVING HUSBAND. DEVOTED FATHER. RUTHLESS KILLER.  In the 1960s, Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) starts working for a Gambino family-connected mobster (Ray Liotta) as a hit man, earning a reputation as “The Iceman”… but his wife (Winona Ryder) remains unaware. This directing debut tells the story of Richard Kuklinski who was convicted of a few murders … Continue reading The Iceman

The Place Beyond the Pines

In Blue Valentine (2010), director Derek Cianfrance explored a marriage over several years. This time, his story evolves over 15 years as we first follow a man (Ryan Gosling) who becomes a bank robber, then a cop (Bradley Cooper) who takes a bullet in the line of duty, and eventually both men’s teenage sons as … Continue reading The Place Beyond the Pines

Killing Them Softly

After a robbery takes place at a mob-related poker game, professional enforcer Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) is hired to look into it. Director Andrew Dominik reunited with Pitt from The Assassination of Jesse James… (2007) for a gangster movie with ambitions. Exactly what those are remains unclear; frequent attempts to tie the story to the … Continue reading Killing Them Softly

Crossing Over

EVERY DAY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ILLEGALLY CROSS OUR BORDERS… ONLY ONE THING STANDS IN THEIR WAY. AMERICA.  Based on a short 1996 film, this ensemble piece wants to say Important Stuff about immigration as seen through the eyes of among others an empathetic police officer and an Australian actress who desperately needs a green card. … Continue reading Crossing Over

Field of Dreams: Ease Your Pain

ALL HIS LIFE, RAY KINSELLA WAS SEARCHING FOR HIS DREAMS. THEN ONE DAY, HIS DREAMS CAME LOOKING FOR HIM. One of the very best movies about baseball made a heartfelt case to have the legendary “Shoeless” Joe Jackson inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It still hasn’t happened though; Jackson remains banned, along with … Continue reading Field of Dreams: Ease Your Pain

Date Night

ONE ORDINARY COUPLE. ONE LITTLE WHITE LIE. New Jersey suburbanites Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell, Tina Fey) steal another couple’s reservations in a busy Manhattan restaurant – and are targeted by two violent men who work for a Mob boss. Carell and Fey, both stars of successful sitcoms, join forces for this high-concept movie … Continue reading Date Night

Bee Movie

HONEY JUST GOT FUNNY. Barry B. Benson, a honey bee, has just graduated from college, but before he goes to work in the honey industry he ventures out in the human world where he discovers injustices. Jerry Seinfeld’s grand animated project was reportedly not the result of some fully thought-through idea; the premise is very reminiscent … Continue reading Bee Movie

Smokin’ Aces

MAY THE BEST HITMAN WIN. A group of competing hit men try to kill a Las Vegas entertainer (Jeremy Piven) with mob connections before he gets to turn state’s evidence. An entertaining, violent Tarantino knock-off with no original touches. Here’s three details viewers should appreciate, though – Matthew Fox’s well-disguised, amusing cameo as a security … Continue reading Smokin’ Aces

GoodFellas: Married to the Mob

IN A WORLD THAT POWERED BY VIOLENCE, ON THE STREETS WHERE THE VIOLENT HAVE POWER, A NEW GENERATION CARRIES ON AN OLD TRADITION. Making GoodFellas a horribly realistic film took its toll. Joe Pesci had qualms about playing such an evil character as Tommy DeVito and Lorraine Bracco thought of her character as an abused woman in … Continue reading GoodFellas: Married to the Mob