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Night of the Hunter: John, Pearl and the Big Bad Wolf

THE SCENES… THE STORY… THE STARS. BUT ABOVE ALL – THE SUSPENSE! Charles Laughton had never directed a movie before. Sure, he was an acclaimed actor and had won an Oscar; he had also directed plays on Broadway, so the leap wasn’t that enormous. Some of those plays were produced by Paul Gregory and when … Continue reading Night of the Hunter: John, Pearl and the Big Bad Wolf

Airplane: Felled by Fish

THE PLANE’S GOING TO CHICAGO! THE PILOT’S GOING TO NEW YORK! THE PASSENGERS ARE GOING TO PIECES! “Our survival hinges on one thing – finding someone who not only can fly this plane, but didn’t have fish for dinner.” A funny quote from one of the great comedy classics, Airplane!… right? Well, yes, Leslie Nielsen’s … Continue reading Airplane: Felled by Fish

Stalag 17: Making Deals With Jerry

HILARIOUS, HEART-TUGGING! YOU’LL LAUGH… YOU’LL CRY… YOU’LL CHEER WILLIAM HOLDEN IN HIS GREAT ACADEMY AWARD ROLE! When this film turned out to be a box-office hit, director Billy Wilder allegedly asked Paramount for a generous cut of the profits. He was however informed that his last picture, Ace in the Hole (1951), lost money and … Continue reading Stalag 17: Making Deals With Jerry

These Old Broads

STILL THROWING TANTRUMS, STILL STEALING HEADLINES, STILL MAKING PRODUCERS CRY! Three movie stars the world has all but forgotten are talked into appearing in a reunion show, but they can’t stop fighting each other. Shirley MacLaine, 67, Debbie Reynolds, 69, Joan Collins, 68, and Elizabeth Taylor, 69, must have seen an opportunity to have a … Continue reading These Old Broads