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Bruno Ganz, 1941–2019

The scene above made the Swiss actor Bruno Ganz immortal. After the premiere of the masterful Downfall in 2004, countless YouTube parodies were made of this scene, each one with new, creative subtitles. Hitler’s rage (in a foreign, incomprehensible language, as long as you didn’t speak German) served as a hilarious comment on whatever subject you … Continue reading Bruno Ganz, 1941–2019

The Great Muppet Caper

Newspaper reporters Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzie head to London to look into a sensational jewel theft, but Miss Piggy complicates everything. The sequel to The Muppet Movie (1979) has less ambition and star cameos, but amps up the number of meta jokes; the opening credits are devoted to small talk about… opening credits. The jewel … Continue reading The Great Muppet Caper

Murder by Death

BY THE TIME THE WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVES FIGURE OUT WHODUNNIT… YOU COULD DIE LAUGHING! Six of the world’s greatest detectives gather at a remote mansion, but are not prepared for the mysterious host’s (Truman Capote) deadly games… This film is a delight for anyone who knows how to appreciate Neil Simon’s sense of humor as well … Continue reading Murder by Death

The Great Race

THE GREAT LAUGH SHOW OF ALL TIME! A few years into the 20th century, a daredevil (Tony Curtis) talks auto manufacturers into promoting a race from New York to Paris; his arch-enemy, the dastardly Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon), becomes one of his competitors. Director Blake Edwards dedicated the film to Laurel & Hardy, but perhaps he … Continue reading The Great Race

The Princess Bride

IT’S AS REAL AS THE FEELINGS YOU FEEL. Once upon a time there was a Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) who was kidnapped, but two men set out for her – her husband the Prince (Chris Sarandon) and a masked pirate (Cary Elwes) who just may be her true love. Updating fairy tales is a task fraught … Continue reading The Princess Bride

Shark Tale

BEHIND EVERY LITTLE FISH IS A GREAT WHITE LIE. A wrasse called Oscar becomes mistakenly known for having killed a shark; as his popularity rises, he befriends another shark, Lenny, whose father won’t let him be a vegetarian. One of the Shrek directors is behind this comedy; expect a lot of pop cultural references (not … Continue reading Shark Tale

Wings of Desire: Angels in Berlin

Whenever art-house film as a concept is spoofed, it tends to be in black-and-white with funny-looking camera angles, rain, misery and incomprehensible dialogue. Pretentious, is the word we’re looking for. A lot of people might even have a specific movie in mind – the slow-moving, German drama Wings of Desire. Not something you’d put on … Continue reading Wings of Desire: Angels in Berlin