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Top Secret!

MOVIE? WHAT MOVIE? American rock singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) goes to East Germany where he becomes involved with the… French Resistance? The Airplane! directors strike with a comedy in the same vein that is too busy throwing gags at us to bother with a coherent story. The result is a wild mix where French resistance fighters (with … Continue reading Top Secret!

Moulin Rouge: Love on Its Knees

THE MOST STARTLING AND DARING LOVE STORY EVER TOLD! The tagline for this film is mystifying to me. First of all, there is nothing particularly daring or startling about the love story, and secondly it is the most depressing and tiresome part of the film. Still, it comes as no surprise since both parties hook … Continue reading Moulin Rouge: Love on Its Knees

Star Wars: One Force to Rule Them All

A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY… Many people of my age grew up watching the Star Wars franchise. I never did; my movie nerd era didn’t begin until I was 16 and that’s probably when I saw those films. I understood why they had been so popular with young audiences and liked them … Continue reading Star Wars: One Force to Rule Them All