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Malcolm X: How Little Became Huge

At first, Norman Jewison was considered as director of a movie chronicling the life of Malcolm X. After all, he had done a great job on In the Heat of the Night (1967), a film that took on the racial conflicts of that period in America. Jewison was interested in the project, but there was … Continue reading Malcolm X: How Little Became Huge

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

TERROR BEYOND IMAGINATION. Two salvage parties, one led by Mike Turner (Michael Caine), the other by Stefan Svevo (Telly Savalas), arrive at the site of the now flipped-over luxury liner Poseidon. The sequel to The Poseidon Adventure (1972) is a dull afterthought that almost looks like a parody of Irwin Allen’s earlier disaster movies, with unconvincing sets and … Continue reading Beyond the Poseidon Adventure


HE CREATED “THE MALTESE FALCON”, SAM SPADE AND “THE THIN MAN”. BUT HE DIDN’T WRITE THIS MYSTERY-THRILLER… HE LIVED IT.  Former Pinkerton detective Dashiell Hammett (Frederic Forrest) makes a living in San Francisco writing pulp fiction, but a visit from an old partner (Peter Boyle) throws him back in danger. Wim Wenders’s first American film … Continue reading Hammett

Young Frankenstein: No Escaping Destiny

Mel Brooks and the cast and crew allegedly had so much fun making this classic comedy that the director decided to add a few sequences just to keep the production going a bit longer. Watching the final results, I can understand why. This is one of the funniest movies ever made and it is also … Continue reading Young Frankenstein: No Escaping Destiny

Everybody Loves Raymond

One of the best-loved sitcoms of its time, Everybody Loves Raymond successfully avoided the schmaltz that seems to be obligatory whenever a family with small children is depicted on a TV show. The kids were rarely seen around the household; the stories were almost always about the adults. Ray and Debra (Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton) lived next-door … Continue reading Everybody Loves Raymond

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

THE MAN ON THE MOON. Some time in the future, a successful night club on the moon is blown up and the owner (Eddie Murphy) tries to find whoever is responsible. Murphy’s venture into space moves reasonably fast, some of the design looks pretty good and the music is better than most things. But this … Continue reading The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Doctor Dolittle

HE DOESN’T JUST TALK TO THE ANIMALS! Doctor John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) discovers that he can talk to animals, which hasn’t happened since he was a kid. This remake of the 1967 Rex Harrison vehicle is more reminiscent of The Nutty Professor (1996), with its special effects and bathroom jokes. The best part is how … Continue reading Doctor Dolittle

Taxi Driver: Rough Justice

ON EVERY STREET, IN EVERY CITY, THERE’S A NOBODY WHO DREAMS OF BEING A SOMEBODY. Travis Bickle can’t stand the streets of New York. He’s waiting for the rain that will wash the trash off the streets, all the thieves, murderers, queers, pimps, hookers. They’re all the same to him. He can’t sleep, which is … Continue reading Taxi Driver: Rough Justice