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The Death of Stalin

EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE.  Moscow, 1953; the sudden death of the all-powerful Joseph Stalin sets off a panic among those closest to him. Based on a French graphic novel, this comedy takes real-life events and turns them into an absurd, icy farce. Fans of the director’s TV shows (The Thick of It, Veep) and movie … Continue reading The Death of Stalin

Child 44

HOW DO YOU FIND A KILLER WHO DOESN’T EXIST? Moscow, 1953; as state security agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) realizes that a man killing children is on the loose, he and his wife (Noomi Rapace) find themselves exiled… The novel, which combined an Andrei Chikatilo-inspired serial killer story with a portrait of people who are … Continue reading Child 44

Pride: Stronger Together

In January 2015, it was reported that the American DVD release of the British hit Pride lacked any references to its gay content. The most stunning example was that someone had actually erased a banner with the words ”lesbian” and ”gay” written on it from the cover of the DVD. The rest of the image … Continue reading Pride: Stronger Together


ALL HAIL. After a battle that leaves Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) victorious in a Scottish civil war, he encounters three mysterious women who give him a powerful prophecy with deadly consequences… An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic play that stays faithful to the original text and emphasizes the violence and tragedy of the drama every way … Continue reading Macbeth

The Double

Director Richard Ayoade’s follow-up to his debut, Submarine (2011), is equally grim and bleak in tone, as we follow a worker (Jesse Eisenberg) who’s living in a very drab society; everyone around him either puts him down or don’t even recognize his presence. That changes when a new guy is hired at the office who … Continue reading The Double

The World’s End

PREPARE TO GET ANNIHILATED.  Ne’er-do-well Gary King (Simon Pegg) gathers his old friends for a pub crawl in their hometown of Newton Haven, little dreaming that they’ll get wrapped up in a global battle… Edgar Wright ends what he and trusted partner Pegg have labeled the “Cornetto Trilogy” (after Shaun of the Dead and Hot … Continue reading The World’s End


A COMEDY THAT DOESN’T LET PRINCIPLES STAND IN THE WAY OF PROGRESS. Wales, 1986; 15-year-old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) tries to impress a girl (Yasmin Paige) at school while also worrying about the deteriorating relationship between his parents. Richard Ayoade’s directing debut is a critically lauded coming-of-age drama that deals with depression and alienation in a … Continue reading Submarine

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980

West Yorkshire, 1980; an outsider (Paddy Considine) is brought into the local police force in an attempt to inject fresh blood into the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, but he’s not welcomed with open arms. The middle part of this trilogy is the most “cinematic” of the films, delivered in widescreen by the innovative director … Continue reading Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980

Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

ONE ROADIE. ONE RAPPER. ONE DREAM.  A faux documentary from the filmmaker who brought us This is England (2007). Shot on a shoestring budget, the movie is essentially just the director (himself a part of the story), a few assistants and the characters they follow. They are a slacker called Le Donk (who’s about to … Continue reading Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

Hot Fuzz

BIG COPS. SMALL TOWN. MODERATE VIOLENCE. Super cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is so good that he’s making the rest of the Met look bad; he’s transferred to a sleepy village where he stumbles upon a vast murder conspiracy. The Edgar Wright-Pegg duo followed up on their hit Shaun of the Dead (2004) with another largely hilarious comedy. … Continue reading Hot Fuzz

The Bourne Ultimatum

THIS SUMMER JASON BOURNE COMES HOME.  As Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) goes after the people who “created” him and killed his girlfriend, more CIA operatives are realizing that he may not be the enemy. The third chapter of the Bourne saga is an exhilarating showdown between a visibly tired but highly motivated, lethal Bourne and his enemies. Taut, … Continue reading The Bourne Ultimatum