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Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING. HIS FINAL FILM.  Everybody in the film business has an opinion on Netflix. Theater owners are particularly upset about major awards going to Netflix movies that are being shown just a few weeks in theaters and then immediately being available for streaming. Others in Hollywood thank Netflix for giving them … Continue reading Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

Michel Legrand, 1932–2019

One of the most classic composers of film music passed away yesterday. Michel Legrand was 86 years old. He gained international recognition with his scores for Jacques Demy films, which took him to Hollywood. One of the Oscars he won was for this haunting song, “The Windmills of Your Mind”, heard in The Thomas Crown Affair … Continue reading Michel Legrand, 1932–2019

Magnificent Ambersons: The Fall of a Family

REAL LIFE SCREENED MORE DARINGLY THAN IT’S EVER BEEN BEFORE! A year after the release of his brilliant first film, Citizen Kane, Orson Welles made another epic drama that has become a true classic. However, its release was highly dramatic. Welles delivered an original cut running 135 minutes, but he felt that it needed to … Continue reading Magnificent Ambersons: The Fall of a Family

Touch of Evil: Terror on the Border

THE STRANGEST VENGEANCE EVER PLANNED! In the late 1950s, Orson Welles was back in Hollywood after making a few films in Europe. At that time, nobody paid much attention to him as a filmmaker anymore. He decided to direct Touch of Evil, a loose adaptation of a thriller novel, either because Charlton Heston refused to … Continue reading Touch of Evil: Terror on the Border

The Muppet Movie

MORE ENTERTAINING THAN HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Kermit, a frog in a Florida swamp, is persuaded by a Hollywood agent to go west and pursue a showbiz career; along the way, he meets friends and finds a dangerous enemy. The beloved felt creatures from The Muppet Show (1976-1981) delivered their first movie, a funny, chaotic meta experience … Continue reading The Muppet Movie

History of the World – Part I

IN MEL WE TRVST. One of director Mel Brooks’s slightest comedies is an episodic look at historical events, from the dawn of man to the French Revolution. Misery is a theme; regardless of era and place, there’s always been people suffering, often Jews. As expected, Brooks turns it into comedy, as in the memorable scene … Continue reading History of the World – Part I

The V.I.P.s

A MODERN LOVE STORY. When fog prevents any aircraft from leaving a London airport, a group of well-to-do passengers headed for New York are stranded in the V.I.P. lounge. Director Anthony Asquith and writer Terence Ratigan reportedly based this film on a real-life incident between Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier; the infidelity drama played out … Continue reading The V.I.P.s

Casino Royale

Sir James Bond (David Niven) is persuaded to come out of retirement to destroy the criminal organization SMERSH; as the new M, he gives every agent the name “James Bond” to confuse his enemies. A tremendous amount of money and talent lay behind this spoof of 007 flicks, which came at the right time, but turned out … Continue reading Casino Royale