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Captain Blood: Rise of a Buccaneer

HIS SWORD CARVED HIS NAME ACROSS THE CONTINENTS – AND HIS GLORY ACROSS THE SEAS! In the mid-1930s, swashbuckling turned out to be lucrative in Hollywood. After the success of a few movies on that theme, Warner went back to their silent era and figured that a movie they made back in 1924 (which is … Continue reading Captain Blood: Rise of a Buccaneer

Gone With the Wind: Fall of the Old South

THE GREATEST ROMANCE OF ALL TIME! Last August, news came that a cinema in Memphis, Tennessee had decided not to screen Gone With the Wind because of numerous complaints. Ever since its premiere the film’s rosy portrait of life in the South before the Civil War has been criticized. The poor treatment of African-Americans has … Continue reading Gone With the Wind: Fall of the Old South

North and South: Book II

When we meet the Mains and Hazards again, the Northern and Southern families are pitted against each other as the Civil War unfolds; the miniseries takes us through it. Elaborate, vivid and very entertaining, this first-rate soap offers extravagant battle sequences, thoroughly dedicated leading actors (as well as a few glorified cameos from the likes … Continue reading North and South: Book II

Adventures of Robin Hood: From Blood to Hood

ONLY THE RAINBOW CAN DUPLICATE ITS BRILLIANCE! These guys had done it before, but never so good. In 1935, Michael Curtiz directed Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland in Captain Blood, a popular swashbuckler. But when the opportunity came to bring back Robin Hood to the silver screen (Douglas Fairbanks took a stab at it … Continue reading Adventures of Robin Hood: From Blood to Hood

Santa Fe Trail

A THOUSAND MILES OF DANGER, A THOUSAND THRILLS A MILE! In the 1850s, West Point graduates Jeb Stuart and George Custer (Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan) team up to hunt down the radical abolitionist John Brown (Raymond Massey) who keeps attacking Southerners along the Santa Fe Trail. One of director Michael Curtiz’s rare misfires still benefits … Continue reading Santa Fe Trail