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ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.  In 2013, former NSA employee Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) clandestinely meet with two journalists and a documentary filmmaker in Hong Kong to tell them the story of why he decided to expose the U.S. government’s wide-ranging surveillance of citizens. We already have Laura Poitras’s documentary … Continue reading Snowden

Born on the Fourth of July: All Quiet on the Southeastern Front

A STORY OF INNOCENCE LOST AND COURAGE FOUND. It took a while for me to realize that the date I revisited this film on Bluray was July 4th. I may be daft, but so is anyone who doesn’t consider this film to be another example of just how patriotic Oliver Stone is. Along with World … Continue reading Born on the Fourth of July: All Quiet on the Southeastern Front


When a Mexican drug cartel kidnaps the girlfriend (Blake Lively) of two successful California marijuana growers (Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson) as part of business negotiations, they decide to hit back hard. Oliver Stone returns to Scarface territory with this violent but also surprisingly sexy and entertaining saga about wheeling and dealing between major and minor … Continue reading Savages

Platoon: Taking the Pain

THE FIRST CASUALTY OF WAR IS INNOCENCE. After serving in Vietnam, earning a Bronze Star as well as a Purple Heart, Oliver Stone came back to the United States in 1968. Disgusted with the way the war was portrayed by John Wayne in the now infamous Green Berets that year, Stone wrote down his experiences. Even though … Continue reading Platoon: Taking the Pain

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

As the 2008 recession is beginning to wipe out parts of Wall Street, a young trader (Shia LaBeouf) loses his mentor… and America’s favorite corporate raider (Michael Douglas) is attempting a comeback. Much like the original, this sequel to Wall Street (1987) catches the mood of a specific era in the history of capitalism and there is gloom … Continue reading Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


A LIFE MISUNDERESTIMATED. There are moments here where George W. Bush comes across as a bumbling fool… but this is also in many ways a gentle portrait of a simple man who unbelievably became leader of the free world. The movie jumps back and forth between the President’s preparations for going to war with Iraq … Continue reading W.

Wall Street: Days of Bloodsucking

EVERY DREAM HAS A PRICE. As the credit crisis of 2008 risks putting an end to the world as we know it (at least judging from the grim newspaper headlines), it is high time to take a new look at Oliver Stone’s 1987 film about greed on Wall Street. It came on the heels of … Continue reading Wall Street: Days of Bloodsucking

JFK: Watch Responsibly

HE’S A DISTRICT ATTORNEY. HE WILL RISK HIS LIFE, THE LIVES OF HIS FAMILY, EVERYTHING HE HOLDS DEAR FOR THE ONE THING HE HOLDS SACRED… THE TRUTH. Roger Ebert ran into Walter Cronkite some time after the premiere of Oliver Stone’s JFK and received a “tongue-lashing” for having praised the film. In Cronkite’s view, it was full … Continue reading JFK: Watch Responsibly

World Trade Center

THE WORLD SAW EVIL THAT DAY. TWO MEN SAW SOMETHING ELSE.  Conservatives seemed genuinely surprised to see Oliver Stone make such a patriotic and moving film about 9/11. But they must have taken him for a simple political pundit when in fact he remains one of Hollywood’s finest directors. This is the story of two … Continue reading World Trade Center


THE GREATEST LEGEND OF ALL WAS REAL.  With this film director Oliver Stone took his interest in revisionist interpretations of history beyond American politics and depicted the life and times of Alexander the Great, the military genius who ended up conquering most of the known world. There have been speculations on Alexander’s sexuality, and Stone … Continue reading Alexander

Any Given Sunday

LIFE IS A CONTACT SPORT. PLAY. OR BE PLAYED.  As veteran football coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) is struggling to maintain his grip on the team, his star player (Dennis Quaid) is injured. A really good sports movie knows how to make the most of the game, how to show the kind of commitment that … Continue reading Any Given Sunday