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Meyerowitz Stories: Sandler and Stiller Strike Back

This weekend my parents are coming to Stockholm to see me, my brother, sister and nephews. I’m glad they’re coming because we are all close, but at the same time there can be tensions when parents and their adult sons and daughters have to live together closely for a short time. It doesn’t matter how … Continue reading Meyerowitz Stories: Sandler and Stiller Strike Back


HE’S GOT A LOT ON HIS MIND.  Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller), who’s just been released from a mental hospital, goes to live in his brother’s house while he’s abroad; after a while, he tries to strike up a relationship with the family’s personal assistant (Greta Gerwig). Director Noah Baumbach appreciates the possibilities inherent in the … Continue reading Greenberg

Margot at the Wedding

ONE FAMILY. INFINITE DEGREES OF SEPARATION. Margot (Nicole Kidman) and her son (Zane Pais) go to Long Island where her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is about to marry Malcolm (Jack Black), whom Margot finds unworthy. The Squid and the Whale director returns with another dysfunctional family drama. There’s a story somewhere in here about family … Continue reading Margot at the Wedding

Squid and the Whale: Baumbach Growing Up

JOINT CUSTODY BLOWS. I almost feel like I should apologize. I borrowed this DVD from a friend, liked it a lot… but didn’t consider it a masterpiece, which is what my friend and many critics do. There really is nothing negative to report about the film; it is beautifully executed and very effective… as long … Continue reading Squid and the Whale: Baumbach Growing Up