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A Haunted House

THIS $*%! AIN’T PARANORMAL! When Kisha (Essence Atkins) agrees to move into Malcolm’s (Marlon Wayans) home, it doesn’t take long until mysterious things begin to happen; maybe it’s a ghost and maybe it can be caught on video? A spoof of the found-footage genre, the Paranormal Activity movies in particular. Lightweight stuff and very silly; … Continue reading A Haunted House


FROM THE SIDELINES TO THE SPOTLIGHT. Director Christopher Guest delivers another mockumentary, this time focusing on more or less ridiculous sports mascots who take their work very seriously and are now gathering for a national championship. Perhaps this visit to the well is one too many though. There are laughs and many of Guest’s veteran … Continue reading Mascots

Look Who’s Back

A MERCILESS SATIRE. Adolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) is suddenly transported to modern-day Berlin; discovered by a documentary filmmaker (Fabian Busch), the dictator is destined for a TV show. In the hands of director David Wnendt, Timur Vermes’s much talked-about satirical novel shares resemblances with Borat (2006), as many of ”Hitler’s” encounters with ordinary Germans aren’t … Continue reading Look Who’s Back

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

After the murder of a woman in Oxnard, California, high school graduates Jesse Arista and Hector Estrella (Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz) break into her apartment and find mysterious things, including a journal of spells… This spin-off to the Paranormal Activity series has ties to it (that become more obvious as the story progresses) and was … Continue reading Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity 3

IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY. In 1988, young Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) finds an invisible friend in her home… and her mother and her boyfriend begin to notice strange occurrences. The filmmakers behind the documentary Catfish (2010) directed this second sequel in the hugely successful horror franchise – but didn’t really add anything new to … Continue reading Paranormal Activity 3