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AN IMMORTAL LEGEND. AS YOU’VE ONLY IMAGINED. In the 19th century, a British couple is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa; when they’re subsequently killed by a leopard, their infant son is raised by gorillas. Edgar Rice Burrough’s story became the basis for one of the last box-office hits that Disney had during its great … Continue reading Tarzan

Good Will Hunting

SOME PEOPLE CAN NEVER BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES, UNTIL SOMEONE BELIEVES IN THEM. A professor and a therapist (Stellan Skarsgård, Robin Williams) try to make a twenty-year-old janitor (Matt Damon) at MIT realize that his brilliant mind should not be wasted. The drama that made Damon and Ben Affleck into household names in Hollywood became a … Continue reading Good Will Hunting

I Give It a Year

Nat and Josh (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall) get married, but it doesn’t take long for them to land in a rut… and then comes a dashing American (Simon Baker) into Nat’s professional life. Borat (2006) writer Dan Mazer’s directorial debut is a featherweight romantic comedy that succeeds in spite of its obvious formula. That’s always … Continue reading I Give It a Year

Princess Mononoke

THE FATE OF THE WORLD RESTS ON THE COURAGE OF ONE WARRIOR.  Ashitaka, a warrior who suffers from a curse, ends up in the middle of a conflict between humans who are wrecking the forest, and its creatures who are accompanied by a girl called “Princess Mononoke”. The movie that helped bring greater international attention … Continue reading Princess Mononoke

The Phantom of the Opera

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT. A mysterious figure (Gerard Butler) terrorizing an opera house in Paris keeps demanding that a talented chorus singer (Emmy Rossum) gets promoted. Joel Schumacher, of all people, is the one to bring Andrew Lloyd Webber and Charles Hart’s famous musical to the big screen; results are opulent and … Continue reading The Phantom of the Opera


YOU KNOW THE NAME. YOU KNOW THE NUMBER. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) must stop his former colleague and friend (Sean Bean) from getting his greedy hands on a dangerous satellite system. The 17th entry in this series came after a six-year hiatus. It’s Brosnan’s first effort as the superspy and he’s an excellent choice – humorous, … Continue reading GoldenEye

Hard Rain

A SIMPLE PLAN. AN INSTANT FORTUNE. JUST ADD WATER.  Heavy rain causes a river to flood a town in Indiana; as a security guard (Christian Slater) tries to evacuate a money transport, Jim (Morgan Freeman) and his gang see an opportunity to seize it. Cinematographer Mikael Salomon’s directing debut is a disaster/action movie hybrid that … Continue reading Hard Rain

Circle of Friends

SOMETIMES DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Three young women go to Dublin to study – one of the topics is boys, apparently, and “Benny” Hogan (Minnie Driver) falls in love with a medical student (Chris O’Donnell). Director Pat O’Connor’s audience-pleaser deals with young people’s first experience of love and sex in the 1950s. Perhaps a point … Continue reading Circle of Friends