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Highlights from 90 Years of Oscars

The first Academy Awards were handed out back in 1929. The “show” looked decidedly different then – it was in fact a dinner, the ceremony itself took 15 minutes and the awards had already been announced three weeks earlier. There were also far fewer categories. The first winner was Wings (1927), a film that is chiefly … Continue reading Highlights from 90 Years of Oscars

Michael Moore in TrumpLand

Michael Moore usually takes his time getting a movie into theaters, but this one was a surprise release just a few weeks before the presidential election where voters decided between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It’s essentially a standup performance (or sermon) taped in October over two nights in Wilmington, Ohio before an audience said … Continue reading Michael Moore in TrumpLand

Where to Invade Next

PREPARE TO BE LIBERATED. The director’s Sicko (2007) explored the problems with the American healthcare system and looked abroad to see how differently other countries took care of their people. This documentary continues in the same way, with Michael Moore leading a military-style charge toward Europe and North Africa, “invading” countries like Norway, Tunisia, Germany, … Continue reading Where to Invade Next

Lucky Numbers

WHEN THEY PUT THEIR HEADS TOGETHER… IT’S A NO BRAINER.  Popular TV weatherman Russ Richards (John Travolta) runs into financial difficulties and concocts a plan together with the ruthless Crystal (Lisa Kudrow) to rig the Pennsylvania state lottery. Nora Ephron tackles something that could be described as a gangster comedy, one that borrows elements (and the … Continue reading Lucky Numbers

Fahrenheit 9/11: The Era of Bush

THE TEMPERATURE WHERE FREEDOM BURNS! He’s been called a lying, fat moron who hates America. His movies trigger websites claiming to unravel the lies he’s purportedly manufacturing. But Michael Moore does not hate America. Call it a documentary or a propaganda piece, or whatever, but what Fahrenheit 9/11 does is showing the big guy fighting … Continue reading Fahrenheit 9/11: The Era of Bush