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Doris Day, 1922–2019

In 1975, Doris Day went on The Mike Douglas Show to promote her new book, the best-selling “Her Own Story”. She’s a little annoyed about being called the girl next door (obviously, not the first time she’s heard it) and questions what exactly that means. There was a sweetness to Day, which was a huge reason … Continue reading Doris Day, 1922–2019

Captain Blood: Rise of a Buccaneer

HIS SWORD CARVED HIS NAME ACROSS THE CONTINENTS – AND HIS GLORY ACROSS THE SEAS! In the mid-1930s, swashbuckling turned out to be lucrative in Hollywood. After the success of a few movies on that theme, Warner went back to their silent era and figured that a movie they made back in 1924 (which is … Continue reading Captain Blood: Rise of a Buccaneer

White Christmas

FIRST AND UNFORGETTABLE PICTURE IN VISTAVISION! When two entertainers and WWII veterans (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye) help two charming sisters (Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen) out of a pickle, they all end up at a rural inn… The most popular movie of 1954 shares some traits with Holiday Inn (1942), the musical that introduced Irving Berlin’s “White … Continue reading White Christmas

Mildred Pierce: Crawford’s Comeback

A MOTHER’S LOVE LEADS TO MURDER.  I can see why a decision was made to turn James M. Cain’s original novel into an HBO miniseries in 2011. After all, the wonderfully entertaining Michael Curtiz adaptation that premiered in 1945 ditched most of the writer’s Depression-era depiction as well as a great number of characters. The … Continue reading Mildred Pierce: Crawford’s Comeback

Casablanca: You Must Remember This

THEY HAD A DATE WITH FATE IN CASABLANCA! Casablanca was just another movie meant to bolster the spirit of American audiences at a time when the nation had just entered an exceptionally bloody war against three nations. The director had plenty of experience, but he also had somewhat of an assembly-line approach to filmmaking and this … Continue reading Casablanca: You Must Remember This

Adventures of Robin Hood: From Blood to Hood

ONLY THE RAINBOW CAN DUPLICATE ITS BRILLIANCE! These guys had done it before, but never so good. In 1935, Michael Curtiz directed Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland in Captain Blood, a popular swashbuckler. But when the opportunity came to bring back Robin Hood to the silver screen (Douglas Fairbanks took a stab at it … Continue reading Adventures of Robin Hood: From Blood to Hood

The Cabin in the Cotton

Marvin Blake (Richard Barthelmess), the son of a sharecropper, gets his education funded by the landowner (Berton Churchill) and is torn between loyalties. The filmmakers want to portray the problems of the sharecropping system as ambitiously as possible, but it is essentially just another soap opera, a film chiefly remembered for one thing, a famous … Continue reading The Cabin in the Cotton

Santa Fe Trail

A THOUSAND MILES OF DANGER, A THOUSAND THRILLS A MILE! In the 1850s, West Point graduates Jeb Stuart and George Custer (Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan) team up to hunt down the radical abolitionist John Brown (Raymond Massey) who keeps attacking Southerners along the Santa Fe Trail. One of director Michael Curtiz’s rare misfires still benefits … Continue reading Santa Fe Trail