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My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

Halloween is coming, and the dead shall rise from their graves. At least on a TV screen near you. We are awash in lists of the greatest horror movies ever made, and everybody’s trying to come up with a twist of their own. Well, I decided to just list my 12 favorites, a bunch of … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

The Rock

ALCATRAZ. ONLY ONE MAN HAS EVER BROKEN OUT. NOW FIVE MILLION LIVES DEPEND ON TWO MEN BREAKING IN.  When a group of rogue Marines threatens to attack San Francisco from Alcatraz with chemical weapons, the FBI puts the only man who ever broke out of the prison and survived in charge of a Navy SEAL … Continue reading The Rock

The Abyss: On the Edge of Darkness

A PLACE ON EARTH MORE AWESOME THAN ANYWHERE IN SPACE. It’s funny watching a good movie like The Abyss and knowing the kind of negative feelings that surrounded the production of it. Both Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio have allegedly vowed never to work with James Cameron again; cast and crew were frequently subjected to dangerous … Continue reading The Abyss: On the Edge of Darkness

Planet Terror

FULLY LOADED. A deadly biochemical agent is released into the air, turning its victims into zombies; a group of survivors in Texas try to save themselves. Director Robert Rodriguez’s homage to old 1970s sleaze flicks certainly looks like one (there’s even a reel “missing”!) and goes very nicely together with Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. This film may … Continue reading Planet Terror

Terminator: The Deadly Energizer Bunny

THE THING THAT WON’T DIE, IN THE NIGHTMARE THAT WON’T END. James Cameron has fought hard for The Terminator. He claims that the idea for the film came to him in a dream, but few question the fact that certain key ingredients were inspired by Harlan Ellison’s writings for the TV series The Outer Limits. Ellison sued … Continue reading Terminator: The Deadly Energizer Bunny

Aliens: Mother Against Mother

THIS TIME IT’S WAR. When I first heard about this film, I was 11 or 12 years old and pretty much a novice when it came to movies. Judging from what some of my classmates were talking about, I understood that Aliens was a dark, scary and very exciting film, a special experience indeed. When I finally … Continue reading Aliens: Mother Against Mother