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My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

Halloween is coming, and the dead shall rise from their graves. At least on a TV screen near you. We are awash in lists of the greatest horror movies ever made, and everybody’s trying to come up with a twist of their own. Well, I decided to just list my 12 favorites, a bunch of … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

My 12 Favorite Ingmar Bergman Movies

It’s the year of Ingmar Bergman. The master filmmaker would have been 100 years old and his legacy has been celebrated all year, far beyond Sweden’s borders. He remains one of my favorite directors – few others have been able to penetrate our deepest and darkest emotions in such frequently powerful ways. Bergman’s films have … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Ingmar Bergman Movies

Through a Glass Darkly: Behind the Wallpaper

Ingmar Bergman was dead set on shooting this film on the Orkney Islands. He knew what he wanted; the dramatic, stony look of that place. The studio were not equally thrilled and wanted him to shoot somewhere closer to Stockholm. Reluctantly, Bergman agreed to take the boat out to Gotland to visit its northern part, … Continue reading Through a Glass Darkly: Behind the Wallpaper

My 12 Favorite Films

Compiling a list of what you believe are the greatest films ever made is a daunting task. Every critic and movie buff has a more or less available list hidden somewhere in their minds (or plainly written down, carefully cultivated). I have resisted to do the latter for many years, even though my list really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Films

Flight of the Eagle: Northern Misery

ADVENTURE IS MAN’S GREATEST LOVE. AND LOVE IS MAN’S GREATEST ADVENTURE. Director Jan Troell had adapted several novels in the past and became interested in Per Olof Sundman’s account of the ill-fated Swedish expedition to the North Pole that took place in 1897. But he knew that it wouldn’t be a cheap project and the … Continue reading Flight of the Eagle: Northern Misery


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SIMPLE MIRACLE.  In 1969, physician Malcolm Sayer (Robin Williams) arrives at a Bronx hospital; after successfully using a different drug for catatonic patients, he sees them miraculously ”wake up”. This adaptation of Oliver Sacks’s experiences depicts the obvious anxiety and joy of coming back to life after being … Continue reading Awakenings

Ghostbusters II

BE READY TO BELIEVE US.  Five years after the events in the first film, the Ghostbusters have been forced out of business… but a new supernatural threat against New York City catches their attention. The charm from Ghostbusters (1984) is still intact in this sequel thanks to the wonderful cast, with Peter MacNicol adding fun … Continue reading Ghostbusters II

Wild Strawberries: Down Memory Lane

Going back to my original review of The Seventh Seal (1957), I was a little surprised at not even having mentioned Wild Strawberries. I described The Seventh Seal as a film that changed Sweden as a moviemaking country, and I still consider it one of the top ten greatest movies ever made. But it’s pretty … Continue reading Wild Strawberries: Down Memory Lane

Virgin Spring: Faith and Fury

Perhaps the most controversial of Ingmar Bergman’s films, The Virgin Spring was banned in Fort Worth, Texas because of its infamous rape scene, a decision that was later upheld by the Texas Supreme Court. The film was hotly debated among academics in Sweden as well, some of them questioning its artistic merits. At the time, … Continue reading Virgin Spring: Faith and Fury