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Good Will Hunting

SOME PEOPLE CAN NEVER BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES, UNTIL SOMEONE BELIEVES IN THEM. A professor and a therapist (Stellan Skarsgård, Robin Williams) try to make a twenty-year-old janitor (Matt Damon) at MIT realize that his brilliant mind should not be wasted. The drama that made Damon and Ben Affleck into household names in Hollywood became a … Continue reading Good Will Hunting

The Monuments Men

IT WAS THE GREATEST ART HEIST IN HISTORY. In 1943, art conservationist Frank Stokes (George Clooney) talks President Roosevelt into allowing him to form an Army unit consisting of art historians and various experts, with the task of saving as many works of art from the Nazis as possible. Based on true events, this film … Continue reading The Monuments Men

We Bought a Zoo

Recently widowed journalist Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) needs a fresh start together with his kids and buys a big old countryside house… that comes complete with a zoo. Cameron Crowe made a comeback after Elizabethtown (2005) with a couple of music documentaries – and this feel-good drama, loosely based on a real-life story, that skillfully … Continue reading We Bought a Zoo

Behind the Candelabra

What Steven Soderbergh announced as his “final” film (ha!) is a straightforward HBO biopic detailing the love affair between flamboyant Vegas entertainer Liberace and the decades-younger lover he took in the late 1970s. Seen from Scott Thorson’s perspective, it was a relationship begun with open eyes but turned into a bizarre rollercoaster of kitsch, drugs, … Continue reading Behind the Candelabra

The Adjustment Bureau

YOUR FATE HAS BEEN ADJUSTED.  Congressman David Norris (Matt Damon), who has a very promising future, meets and instantly falls in love with a dancer (Emily Blunt)… but soon learns from grim-looking men in suits and hats that she’s not part of The Plan. Another adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story that is easy … Continue reading The Adjustment Bureau

Inside Job: Hustling Main Street

THE FILM THAT COST OVER $20,000,000,000,000 TO MAKE. There are few things that members of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements agree on. They don’t see eye to eye on social matters, for instance. But there is one issue where they do agree to a large extent, one that spawned both grassroots movements. Neither … Continue reading Inside Job: Hustling Main Street


NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR. When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns from a trip to Hong Kong, she’s caught a cold that quickly turns out to be something much worse – and the start of a global pandemic. A good example of hyperlink cinema, where we are introduced to multiple characters and storylines, a jumbled narrative and … Continue reading Contagion

True Grit: A Spielberg Moment

PUNISHMENT COMES ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. The original True Grit (1969) is a very good Western, well directed by Henry Hathaway, featuring a script by Marguerite Roberts and a part for John Wayne that finally rendered him an Oscar. Still, the Charles Portis novel that inspired the film is also highly regarded and when the Coen brothers … Continue reading True Grit: A Spielberg Moment

The Informant!

BASED ON A TATTLE-TALE. An executive (Matt Damon) at an Illinois-based company informs the FBI of a price-fixing scheme, but the agency’s new, naive liaison has surprises up his sleeve. The somewhat true story of Mark Whitacre who became an informant but eventually also a burden to the FBI gets a laidback treatment by Steven Soderbergh; Marvin Hamlisch’s score also … Continue reading The Informant!

All the Pretty Horses

SOME PASSIONS CAN NEVER BE TAMED. A few years after the end of World War II, best friends John Grady Cole (Matt Damon) and Lacey Rawlins (Henry Thomas) head to Mexico to work as cowboys. This film was allegedly shot as a huge epic, but director Billy Bob Thornton was forced to make equally huge … Continue reading All the Pretty Horses


HIS PEOPLE NEEDED A LEADER. HE GAVE THEM A CHAMPION. In 1995, South African President Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) realizes that the key to healing the racial divide is to inspire the national rugby team to win the World Cup, hosted by the country for the first time since the end of apartheid. Mandela was wise … Continue reading Invictus

Green Zone

CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER ROY MILLER IS DONE FOLLOWING ORDERS. Shortly after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) and his team are busy trying to find WMD stashes, but the locations are empty and Miller smells a rat… Welcome to the Iraq War, Jason Bourne style. This very loose adaptation of the … Continue reading Green Zone