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My 12 Favorite Superhero Movies

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started dominating the global box office, superheroes have become a safe bet. You may say you’ve grown tired of the genre, but it’s made important cultural advances over the years. They have become more inclusive when it comes to women and minorities, even if the safe basic formulas  really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Superhero Movies

My 12 Favorite Films

Compiling a list of what you believe are the greatest films ever made is a daunting task. Every critic and movie buff has a more or less available list hidden somewhere in their minds (or plainly written down, carefully cultivated). I have resisted to do the latter for many years, even though my list really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Films

Streetcar Named Desire: The Polish Brute and the Southern Belle

… WHEN SHE GOT THERE SHE MET THE BRUTE STAN, AND THE SIDE OF NEW ORLEANS SHE HARDLY KNEW EXISTED. Tennessee Williams’s play ”A Streetcar Named Desire” opened on Broadway in 1947 to rave reviews, earning Williams a Pulitzer Prize the following year. The original production must have been something to behold – that was … Continue reading Streetcar Named Desire: The Polish Brute and the Southern Belle

Listen to Me Marlon

INTIMATE. EXPLICIT. UNINHIBITED.  Marlon Brando frequently made sound recordings throughout his life, private tapes of meetings, interviews, therapy sessions – and during hypnosis. For the first time, the public is treated to them in this documentary that takes us through the movie star’s life. The recordings offer unpolished reactions, thoughts and outbursts, a commentary on … Continue reading Listen to Me Marlon

Superman: The Rise of Reeve

YOU’LL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY. Some of the most amusing behind-the-scenes stories surrounding this now classic superhero movie concern Marlon Brando, who plays Superman’s dad Jor-El in the ten-minute long, impressively staged, opening sequence on Krypton. Apparently, Brando’s salary for this little effort made him the highest paid actor at the time. He allegedly … Continue reading Superman: The Rise of Reeve

On the Waterfront: The End of Mob Rule

THE MAN LIVED BY THE JUNGLE LAW OF THE DOCKS! In 1949, investigative journalist Malcolm Johnson won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles he had written for the New York Sun. Titled “Crime on the Waterfront”, the series portrayed corruption and influence of organized crime in the ports of New York City. Four … Continue reading On the Waterfront: The End of Mob Rule

The Godfather: Paying in Blood

There’s a scene in You’ve Got Mail (1998) where Tom Hanks says, “The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question”. Every guy loves The Godfather, he explains. Well, there’s plenty in this masterpiece to attract anyone. The first spoken words are “I believe in America” and The Godfather is indeed a story … Continue reading The Godfather: Paying in Blood

The Chase

A BREATHLESS, EXPLOSIVE STORY OF TODAY! When “Bubber” Reeves (Robert Redford) escapes from prison, the people of his Texas home town are affected in different ways; some of them fear his return. The last movie Arthur Penn made before Bonnie and Clyde (1967) is an interesting drama that addresses Southern racism, the sexual revolution and … Continue reading The Chase

A Countess From Hong Kong

FUN AT SEA! HIS CABIN, HIS PJ’S, HER MOVE! En route to Hawaii, U.S. diplomat Ogden Mears (Marlon Brando) ends up with a stowaway in his cabin, a Russian countess (Sophia Loren). Charlie Chaplin’s final film is a hopeless concoction conceived by him in the 1930s, a desperately old-fashioned farce with too many dull door-slamming … Continue reading A Countess From Hong Kong

A Dry White Season

When South African teacher Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland) learns that his gardener’s (Zakes Mokae) son was beaten up by the police at a protest rally, he slowly begins to understand the cruelty of apartheid. This attempt to awaken the white South African middle class from its uneducated slumber was delivered by a black, female … Continue reading A Dry White Season

Free Money

RIGHT SCHEME, WRONG GUYS! Two klutzes (Charlie Sheen, Thomas Haden Church) accidentally knock up two sisters; their mean-spirited father, warden Sven Sorenson (Marlon Brando), decides to hold twin weddings. The filmmakers must have looked to the Coen brothers; there’s a few wild camera angles, colorful characters, crazy ingredients and a criminal enterprise. Too bad then … Continue reading Free Money