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All About Eve: Blind Ambition

IT’S ALL ABOUT WOMEN – AND THEIR MEN! I have no idea if the following is true, but it fits nicely into the mythology. Celeste Holm allegedly walked onto the set on the first day of shooting and said ”Good morning” to Bette Davis. The star’s reply? ”Oh, shit, good manners”. Holm said in an … Continue reading All About Eve: Blind Ambition

The Misfits

IT SHOUTS AND SINGS WITH LIFE… EXPLODES WITH LOVE! After getting divorced in Reno, Roslyn Taber (Marilyn Monroe) and a local friend (Thelma Ritter) hook up with an aging cowboy (Clark Gable) and his buddy (Eli Wallach); they all head out to the countryside. Known as both Monroe and Gable’s last movie, this film has … Continue reading The Misfits

Some Like It Hot: Running in Heels

THE MOVIE TOO HOT FOR WORDS! Founded in 1933, The National Legion of Decency was an organization of Catholics that aimed to identify and combat cultural threats against religion. Its primary field became Hollywood where it gained heavy influence until the 1950s when it started to weaken. One of the films that helped break the … Continue reading Some Like It Hot: Running in Heels