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Quantum of Solace

James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes on a personal vendetta after the death of the woman he loved and realizes that she was blackmailed by a powerful organization. Bond film nr. 22 continues where Casino Royale (2006) left off and shares similarities with Licence to Kill (1989) – Bond is blinded with rage and tries to kill anyone connected to the … Continue reading Quantum of Solace

Stranger Than Fiction

HAROLD CRICK ISN’T READY TO GO. PERIOD.  IRS agent Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) lives a very dull life until the day when he hears a woman in his head narrating everything he does; she is a famous author (Emma Thompson) who’s contemplating how to kill her character. Director Marc Forster’s imaginative film has a typical … Continue reading Stranger Than Fiction

Finding Neverland: What Pan Meant to Barrie

UNLOCK YOUR IMAGINATION. What the world needs is not another movie version of James M. Barrie’s classic play “Peter Pan” (especially not after Steven Spielberg’s unfortunate take on it back in 1991), so that’s not what director Marc Forster has delivered. Instead, he’s focusing on how Barrie came to write the play and what it … Continue reading Finding Neverland: What Pan Meant to Barrie