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Adaptation: The Truth About Charlie

FROM THE CREATOR OF BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, COMES THE STORY ABOUT THE CREATOR OF BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.  In 1994, Jonathan Demme bought the rights to journalist Susan Orlean’s book ”The Orchid Thief”, where she investigated the arrest of John Laroche who was dealing illegally in rare plants. Neither she nor Demme could have predicted what … Continue reading Adaptation: The Truth About Charlie

White House Down

IT WILL START LIKE ANY OTHER DAY. The same day as John Cale (Channing Tatum) is visiting the White House with his daughter, hoping to land a job with the Secret Service, the Executive Mansion is overtaken by terrorists. The same year as we saw Olympus Has Fallen, there was another action movie depicting the … Continue reading White House Down

The Honourable Woman

WOULD YOU TRUST THIS WOMAN? Anglo-Israeli businesswoman Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is working hard on a project that will connect the West Bank with optical fibre cables, but then the son of a close friend is kidnapped… The man behind The Shadow Line (2011) delivered another complex and exciting, well-directed miniseries, one portraying the eternal … Continue reading The Honourable Woman

Away We Go

Burt and Verona (John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph) are expecting their first child, but feel uncertain of where their lives are headed; they go on a road trip and hope to gain insight from meeting old friends and relatives. A feel-good experience that looks almost like an educational film for couples and parents-in-waiting; there’s plenty of … Continue reading Away We Go

Crazy Heart

THE HARDER THE LIFE, THE SWEETER THE SONG. Washed-up country star Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is drinking too much and tries to avoid thinking about lost opportunities, but when he’s interviewed by a reporter (Maggie Gyllenhaal) he gets another chance. Scott Cooper’s directing debut is not unlike the previous year’s The Wrestler; the locations are … Continue reading Crazy Heart

Monster House

THREE KIDS. ONE HOUSE. IT’S ALIVE! Old man Nebbercracker makes sure every kid in the neighborhood stays scared of his house… but there is a monstrous reason for it. Co-executive producers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis and their body of work must have been a source of inspiration for the director in his vivid, adventurous … Continue reading Monster House

The Dark Knight: Say It With a Smile

WELCOME TO A WORLD WITHOUT RULES. “Why so serioussss?”, hisses the Joker as he flashes his retarded grin. This is after committing several murders, throwing Gotham City into disarray and before trying to force two boatloads of people to choose which one of the groups should perish first. It’s easy to see why people fail … Continue reading The Dark Knight: Say It With a Smile

Mona Lisa Smile

IN A WORLD THAT TOLD THEM HOW TO THINK, SHE SHOWED THEM HOW TO LIVE. In 1953, new arts history teacher Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts) arrives at the prestigious Wellesley College in Massachusetts and tries to make her female students consider a career, not just marriage. A movie in the vein of Dead Poets Society (1989), … Continue reading Mona Lisa Smile

World Trade Center

THE WORLD SAW EVIL THAT DAY. TWO MEN SAW SOMETHING ELSE.  Conservatives seemed genuinely surprised to see Oliver Stone make such a patriotic and moving film about 9/11. But they must have taken him for a simple political pundit when in fact he remains one of Hollywood’s finest directors. This is the story of two … Continue reading World Trade Center

Stranger Than Fiction

HAROLD CRICK ISN’T READY TO GO. PERIOD.  IRS agent Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) lives a very dull life until the day when he hears a woman in his head narrating everything he does; she is a famous author (Emma Thompson) who’s contemplating how to kill her character. Director Marc Forster’s imaginative film has a typical … Continue reading Stranger Than Fiction

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT TOP SECRET. When legendary TV producer Chuck Barris released his autobiography, there was reason to read it with caution. He did create several of the hottest game shows, but did he also work undercover as a CIA agent, killing over 30 bad guys in the process? The filmmakers choose to … Continue reading Confessions of a Dangerous Mind