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Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

A TENNIS STAR PLAYS A MATCH WITH MURDER! In the early 1950s, the ever reliable Alfred Hitchcock hadn’t produced a truly memorable film since Notorious (1946), even if Rope (1948) was an exciting experiment. Then he laid his hands on Patricia Highsmith’s first novel, reportedly for a very small sum, which he managed by keeping … Continue reading Strangers on a Train: A Killer Deal

A Christmas Carol

GREATER THAN DAVID COPPERFIELD! The cheap and miserable old Scrooge (Reginald Owen) is visited on Christmas Eve by the ghost of his former business partner who tells him that three more spirits are coming. Hollywood’s first prominent screen adaptation of the Dickens story has fallen in the shadow of the British Scrooge (1951) and is … Continue reading A Christmas Carol

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel

After being pushed back and defeated by the Allies in North Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (James Mason) returns to Germany, increasingly convinced that Hitler will ruin the country he loves. This biography on one of the few German military leaders who enjoyed international respect is unnecessarily framed by a narrating voice. Rommel’s story is … Continue reading The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel

Wuthering Heights: Love in the Moors

A POIGNANT DRAMA OF CHASTISED LOVE! RECKLESS HATE THAT MADE A FIGHTING FURY OF A STRANGER! During the making of this classic, there was tension on set. Two of the stars, Merle Oberon and David Niven, had been dating in the past and now they were set to play a couple again. Laurence Olivier had … Continue reading Wuthering Heights: Love in the Moors

The Paradine Case

London barrister Anthony Keane (Gregory Peck) takes on the case of a mysterious woman (Alida Valli) who stands accused of having poisoned her older, blind husband. The last collaboration between Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick is one of the director’s lesser films, which suffered from a troubled production. One often gets the feeling that … Continue reading The Paradine Case

North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble

THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE PRESENTS A 3000-MILE CHASE ACROSS AMERICA! According to one biography on Alfred Hitchcock, it was Bernard Herrmann who introduced screenwriter Ernest Lehman to the director. They hit it off and decided to make a movie together. Lehman told the director that he wanted to do the ultimate Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock then … Continue reading North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble


EACH TIME THEY KISSED… THERE WAS THE THRILL OF LOVE… THE THREAT OF MURDER! Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) marries playboy Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant), but their marriage is off to a rocky start; eventually, she starts to believe that he wants her dead. Director Alfred Hitchcock reunited with Fontaine after the previous year’s Rebecca for … Continue reading Suspicion

The Swan

Prince Albert (Alec Guinness) is about to visit exiled family members of his; one purpose of the visit is to get him interested in princess Alexandra (Grace Kelly), but that’s a challenge. When Kelly announced that she would marry Prince Rainier of Monaco it was decided that she should star in this remake of a … Continue reading The Swan