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The Paperboy

In 1969, reporter Ward Jansen (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger brother (Zac Efron) are investigating the background behind an upcoming execution, helped by a woman (Nicole Kidman) who’s fallen in love with the convict. The dark novel has fans, but the movie is more of a guilty pleasure. A steamy, dirty Southern tale with no … Continue reading The Paperboy

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

ONE QUIET VOICE CAN IGNITE A REVOLUTION.  A brisk walk through American history and the civil rights movement in particular, as we follow a black man (Forest Whitaker) who serves seven presidents in the White House from Eisenhower to Reagan. How is the cause best served is the most important question asked in the film. … Continue reading Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Precious: Splitting You Open

LIFE IS HARD. LIFE IS SHORT. LIFE IS PAINFUL. LIFE IS RICH. LIFE IS… It’s been reported that when Oprah Winfrey saw this film at an early stage, it “split her open”. Together with Tyler Perry, she contacted the director, Lee Daniels, and offered their help in promoting the film. The duo got executive-producer credits … Continue reading Precious: Splitting You Open