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The Jigsaw Man

THE GAME OF SPYING, DOUBLE CROSS, DEFECTION, BETRAYAL AND DEATH. Philip Kimberley (Michael Caine), a British former top intelligence official who once defected to the Soviet Union, gets plastic surgery and returns to Britain where he’ll try to retrieve important documents. Caine and Laurence Olivier reunited after Sleuth (1972) for a spy thriller directed by … Continue reading The Jigsaw Man

Wuthering Heights: Love in the Moors

A POIGNANT DRAMA OF CHASTISED LOVE! RECKLESS HATE THAT MADE A FIGHTING FURY OF A STRANGER! During the making of this classic, there was tension on set. Two of the stars, Merle Oberon and David Niven, had been dating in the past and now they were set to play a couple again. Laurence Olivier had … Continue reading Wuthering Heights: Love in the Moors

Battle of Britain

In 1940 the Germans are preparing under Goering’s leadership to invade Britain, but the RAF valiantly fight them in the air. One of Britain’s proudest moments is not given the proper treatment in this forgettable epic. It’s all about the planes and the air battles; an amazing number of old aircraft were used and those … Continue reading Battle of Britain


THROUGHOUT HISTORY HE HAS FILLED THE HEARTS OF MEN WITH TERROR, AND THE HEARTS OF WOMEN WITH DESIRE.  Whitby, England, 1913; the Romanian count Dracula (Frank Langella) is moving into a newly purchased home, but his arrival also brings unspeakable horrors. A screen adaptation of the 1920s play that was based on Bram Stoker’s classic … Continue reading Dracula

Clash of the Titans

AN EPIC ENTERTAINMENT SPECTACULAR! Perseus (Harry Hamlin) becomes a pawn in the game between two gods, one of which is his father, Zeus (Laurence Olivier). Greek mythology is the stuff of this fantasy adventure where gods behave just like men (i.e. badly). It was the last movie Ray Harryhausen worked on as a visual effects artist; … Continue reading Clash of the Titans

Brideshead Revisited: Days of Wine and Roses

Tom Wolfe once wrote that the only reason Brideshead Revisited became a hit in America was because of its portrayal of the wealthy. Sort of a British Dallas, then? Not quite. This miniseries has been so intensely loved it is often dubbed the greatest piece of television ever. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is a sprawling … Continue reading Brideshead Revisited: Days of Wine and Roses

Marathon Man

A student (Dustin Hoffman) gets drawn into a web of intrigue involving his brother (Roy Scheider), a secret government agency, a stash of diamonds and a Nazi war criminal (Laurence Olivier). A hit in its day in spite of a flawed script, this thriller is still worth a look thanks to John Schlesinger’s taut direction, … Continue reading Marathon Man

Spartacus: Looking For Freedom

MORE TITANIC THAN ANY STORY EVER TOLD! This is a story about freedom. Our hero was born without it and died without it. It is easy to see what Dalton Trumbo saw in the titular character in Howard Fast’s novel. Trumbo’s own freedom was taken away from him when he was blacklisted during the dark … Continue reading Spartacus: Looking For Freedom