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Primary Colors: All the Governor’s Men

HOW MUCH SPIN DOES IT TAKE TO WIN? In 1996, the novel ”Primary Colors” was published, a roman à clef depicting then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, with a Southern governor called Jack Stanton standing in for Clinton. The author was anonymous, but considering the insight into the campaign it had to be someone… … Continue reading Primary Colors: All the Governor’s Men

Superman: The Rise of Reeve

YOU’LL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY. Some of the most amusing behind-the-scenes stories surrounding this now classic superhero movie concern Marlon Brando, who plays Superman’s dad Jor-El in the ten-minute long, impressively staged, opening sequence on Krypton. Apparently, Brando’s salary for this little effort made him the highest paid actor at the time. He allegedly … Continue reading Superman: The Rise of Reeve

In Harm’s Way

STRIPPED OF EVERYTHING – THEY LIVED AND LOVED AND FOUGHT AS IF THERE WERE NO TOMORROW… After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Navy Captain Rockwell Torrey (John Wayne) is removed from command, but soon finds a chance to prove his mettle again. This may be a WWII epic set in Hawaii, but another From … Continue reading In Harm’s Way

Dallas: Soap Opera Royalty

When we think about 1980s television, the supersoaps tend to overshadow everything else. The daytime soaps were in good shape ratings-wise and primetime was dominated by the likes of Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Whenever a miniseries was made, emphasis seemed to lie on beautiful, rich people in designer clothes doing spectacularly nasty things to each … Continue reading Dallas: Soap Opera Royalty

Fail-Safe: Be Very Afraid

IT WILL HAVE YOU SITTING ON THE BRINK OF ETERNITY! 1964 was indeed the year of the Bomb. Stanley Kubrick’s absurd Cold War comedy Dr. Strangelove, which was based on a novel by Peter George, was first released. When George found out about Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler’s novel “Fail-Safe” and its very similar theme, … Continue reading Fail-Safe: Be Very Afraid