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The Russia House

A SPY STORY… A LOVE STORY… A STORY TO CROSS ALL BOUNDARIES. After receiving a mysterious manuscript from a Soviet woman (Michelle Pfeiffer), British publisher ”Barley” Scott Blair (Sean Connery) is interrogated by MI6 and later sent as a spy to the Soviet Union to find a man called ”Dante”. A spy thriller with appealing … Continue reading The Russia House

Never Say Never Again

IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEAN CONNERY IN ‘NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN’ THEN YOU HAVEN’T SEEN JAMES BOND 007! James Bond (Sean Connery) cuts his vacation short when SPECTRE steals two nukes as part of an extortion scheme against the world. This film is not part of the official Bond series as it was made by other hands. It … Continue reading Never Say Never Again