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Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

When J. Edgar Hoover suddenly dies in 1972 and is replaced by a man with improper ties to Nixon’s White House, FBI special agent Mark Felt (Liam Neeson) becomes increasingly frustrated. The beginning of the Watergate scandal was depicted in All the President’s Men (1976); this far less effective film follows the man who became … Continue reading Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House


12 HOURS. $10 MILLION. 1 KIDNAPPED DAUGHTER. Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage), who’s just out of prison, learns that his former partner (Josh Lucas) isn’t dead after all, but in hiding; now he’s kidnapped Will’s daughter and wants $10 million from an earlier heist. Another completely forgettable action movie from Cage and Simon West (who made … Continue reading Stolen

The Lincoln Lawyer

L.A. attorney Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), who prefers to work out of a Lincoln, is hired to help a young Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) who stands accused of having beaten a prostitute. There haven’t been many screen adaptations of Michael Connelly’s books, but the success of this one may inspire others. The story, that introduces … Continue reading The Lincoln Lawyer

Life As We Know It

A COMEDY ABOUT TAKING IT ONE STEP AT A TIME. When their best friends are killed in an accident, godparents Holly and Messer (Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel) are saddled with the couple’s infant daughter; the situation would be infinitely better if they liked each other, even a little bit. Don’t worry, Hollywood conventions will make … Continue reading Life As We Know It


THE ’80S – UNPLUGGED. THE MURDERS – UNVEILED. THE LEGEND – UNZIPPED.  The year is 1981; former porn star John Holmes (Val Kilmer) is heavily into drugs and manages to get himself involved in the murder of four people. Director James Cox figured he could make a fast-paced, violent and complex look at what Holmes’s … Continue reading Wonderland

A Beautiful Mind: The Brain As Friend and Foe

HE SAW THE WORLD IN A WAY NO ONE COULD HAVE IMAGINED. They said the screenplay had little to do with brilliant mathematician John Nash’s real life. They said director Ron Howard had made the film too mushy and didn’t deserve to win the top Oscar. And Russell Crowe’s acting was targeted perhaps because he … Continue reading A Beautiful Mind: The Brain As Friend and Foe


MAYDAY. On New Year’s Eve, a luxury ocean liner is overturned by a tsunami and a group of survivors try to make it to the bottom of the ship. Director Wolfgang Petersen is the right guy to remake The Poseidon Adventure (1972); he makes the movie intermittently exciting, but he can’t do anything about the sorry script, … Continue reading Poseidon

The Weight of Water

HELL HATH NO FURY… While working on a photoessay about two murders committed in 1873, photographer Jean Janes (Catherine McCormack) sails with her husband, his brother and another woman to the Isles of Shoals where it all happened. At the time, this was an unusually ambitious film for Kathryn Bigelow, one that tells two parallel … Continue reading The Weight of Water

Sweet Home Alabama

SOMETIMES WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IS RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT IT. New York fashion designer Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) is getting married to the mayor’s son, but first she needs to go home to Alabama and have her current marriage annulled. Here’s a comedy that illustrates the differences between red and blue states; it tries … Continue reading Sweet Home Alabama