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The Good Wife: Standing by Your Man

Every time there is a political scandal, we recognize the setting. The male politician, who’s been caught cheating, makes an appearance in front of the cameras together with his wife, holding her hand. The devoted woman shows that this is a man who can still be trusted. We certainly remember it from the Clinton era, … Continue reading The Good Wife: Standing by Your Man

In Treatment: Pushing Patients

I’ve never been in therapy, but have always been curious about it. I do have a friend who was simply unable to put a destructive relationship behind him once and for all. What went on during the therapy sessions concerns only him and his doctor, but it was obvious that things would not look up … Continue reading In Treatment: Pushing Patients

Dead Poets Society: Against the Stream

HE WAS THEIR INSPIRATION. HE MADE THEIR LIVES EXTRAORDINARY.  This movie was released when I was 13 and I remember what kind of effect it had on us all. Suddenly, we expected every teacher at school to be like John Keating, an inspiring “captain” we’d be willing to fight for. That was the ideal, and … Continue reading Dead Poets Society: Against the Stream

Four Brothers

THEY CAME HOME TO BURY MOM… AND HER KILLER.  When their mother is shot dead in a supermarket, four adopted brothers reunite in Detroit to find and kill the murderers. John Singleton goes Death Wish (1974) on us with this violent and ultimately rather nasty action thriller. Very well made in some respects, but it … Continue reading Four Brothers


EVEN COPS DIAL 911. S.W.A.T. veteran Dan “Hondo” Harrelson (Samuel L. Jackson) is trying to get the L.A. unit in shape; the team is about to take on a very dangerous drug kingpin. This entertaining movie version of the unremarkable 1975-1976 TV series hardly gives a credible portrayal of a S.W.A.T. team, but that doesn’t … Continue reading S.W.A.T.