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THE MOTION PICTURE THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! In 47 BC, Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) helps Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor) become the ruler of Egypt, but he’s soon murdered in Rome; Cleopatra eventually begins a tempestuous alliance with another Roman, Mark Antony (Richard Burton). An epic that became famous for its bloated budget, Taylor’s elaborate … Continue reading Cleopatra

The Chaotic Era When Hollywood Found Sound

I recently finished Scott Eyman’s book “The Speed of Sound”, a chronicle of how sound transformed Hollywood in the late 1920s. This may all seem very stodgy since talkies have been around now for close to 90 years… but Eyman makes us understand not only how big a change this was, but how fast it … Continue reading The Chaotic Era When Hollywood Found Sound

All About Eve: Blind Ambition

IT’S ALL ABOUT WOMEN – AND THEIR MEN! I have no idea if the following is true, but it fits nicely into the mythology. Celeste Holm allegedly walked onto the set on the first day of shooting and said ”Good morning” to Bette Davis. The star’s reply? ”Oh, shit, good manners”. Holm said in an … Continue reading All About Eve: Blind Ambition

Suddenly, Last Summer

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER, CATHERINE KNEW SHE WAS BEING USED FOR SOMETHING EVIL! In 1937, New Orleans surgeon John Cukrowicz (Montgomery Clift) is called to the mansion of a wealthy old lady (Katharine Hepburn); she wants him to lobotomize her niece (Elizabeth Taylor) who witnessed a brutal death and went mad. Another taut, controversial screen adaptation … Continue reading Suddenly, Last Summer