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Darling: The Ultimate Swinging London

A POWERFUL AND BOLD MOTION PICTURE… MADE BY ADULTS… WITH ADULTS… FOR ADULTS! Revisiting Darling 50 years after it was made is interesting. Lauded by critics in its day, the film received many awards and turned Julie Christie into a movie star after having made one other film with John Schlesinger, Billy Liar (1963). That … Continue reading Darling: The Ultimate Swinging London

The Celluloid Closet

The two directors, who made the AIDS documentary Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt (1989), reunited for another gay-themed film, one that was based on Vito Russo’s 1981 book on how homosexuals have been portrayed in Hollywood movies. Making this documentary was a long process, with Russo as an active participant right up to his … Continue reading The Celluloid Closet

Far From the Madding Crowd: Rural Rumblings

HER ROMANCE WITH THREE MEN BECOMES A BOLD ADVENTURE. When it was announced that director John Schlesinger would adapt Thomas Hardy’s classic Victorian novel “Far From the Madding Crowd” as his next project, there must have been a few gasps of surprise. After all, this was a man who had earned his stripes as a … Continue reading Far From the Madding Crowd: Rural Rumblings

Marathon Man

A student (Dustin Hoffman) gets drawn into a web of intrigue involving his brother (Roy Scheider), a secret government agency, a stash of diamonds and a Nazi war criminal (Laurence Olivier). A hit in its day in spite of a flawed script, this thriller is still worth a look thanks to John Schlesinger’s taut direction, … Continue reading Marathon Man

The Next Best Thing

BEST FRIENDS MAKE THE BEST MISTAKES. Yoga instructor Abbie Reynolds (Madonna) gets drunk one evening and ends up in bed with her equally inebriated best friend Robert (Rupert Everett), who’s actually gay; then she learns she’s pregnant… Here’s a serious drama that tries to examine the concept of modern families, but the filmmakers’ ambitions are … Continue reading The Next Best Thing