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Bergman: A Year in a Life

An incisive documentary that chooses its perspective well and then uses it as a starting point for the greater story of Ingmar Bergman’s life. The year 1957 became his most decisive, a time when he was juggling several film and theater productions. The experience made Bergman find his voice as a filmmaker, emboldening him to … Continue reading Bergman: A Year in a Life

Twilight Zone – The Movie

ON JUNE 24TH, FOUR ACCLAIMED DIRECTORS, GEORGE MILLER, JOHN LANDIS, JOE DANTE AND STEVEN SPIELBERG, TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER DIMENSION.  The classic TV series that ran from 1959-1964 gets a big-screen adaptation where four episodes are reinterpreted by an excellent bunch of filmmakers; there’s also a very amusing prologue featuring Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks. … Continue reading Twilight Zone – The Movie

Trading Places

THEY’RE NOT JUST GETTING RICH… THEY’RE GETTING EVEN. Two wealthy brothers (Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche) make a wager where they scheme to have two men (one rich, one poor) switch places in life – what will be the outcome? An old formula for this comedy, but in the hands of John Landis it still feels … Continue reading Trading Places

Coming to America

THIS SUMMER, PRINCE AKEEM DISCOVERS AMERICA. Pampered African prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) has just turned 21 and wants more independence, taking his best friend (Arsenio Hall) on a trip to New York City where they pose as poor foreign students. Not a sequel to Trading Places (1983) but a comedy in the same vein, complete … Continue reading Coming to America

Trespassing Bergman

Edited together (with partly new material) from a documentary series, this film examines (in chronological order) the career and films of Ingmar Bergman through the eyes of numerous prominent filmmakers and actors who have been more or less touched by the Master’s work. Some of them also visit the stark island in Sweden where Bergman … Continue reading Trespassing Bergman

The Muppets Take Manhattan

Kermit and the gang take their amateur variety show to Broadway, but the city doesn’t exactly welcome them with open arms… The third Muppet movie echoes all of those 1930s and ‘40s Hollywood musicals where a boy and a girl try to put on a show but run into all sorts of difficulties. In other … Continue reading The Muppets Take Manhattan

Burke and Hare

NO JOB TOO SMALL. NO BODY TOO BIG. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  In 1827, two con artists (Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis) learn that there’s money in delivering corpses to an unscrupulous doctor (Tom Wilkinson); so what if they have to help a lot of people die a little faster? John Landis’s first film in 12 years … Continue reading Burke and Hare

National Lampoon’s Animal House

IT WAS THE DELTAS AGAINST THE RULES… THE RULES LOST! The year is 1962 and the Delta frat house at Faber College is known as the raunchiest on campus; now the dean (John Vernon) wants it closed. Perhaps the least enjoyable film to be considered an important comedy classic by a lot of people. The first … Continue reading National Lampoon’s Animal House

American Werewolf in London: Moonstruck

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF “ANIMAL HOUSE” – A DIFFERENT KIND OF ANIMAL. When John Landis decided to finally make the horror comedy he wrote ten years earlier, studio bosses allegedly suggested that Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi should play the two leads. Landis refused – this was not going to be a film in the … Continue reading American Werewolf in London: Moonstruck

Beverly Hills Cop III

IN FOR THE RIDE OF HIS LIFE. When Axel Foley’s (Eddie Murphy) boss is murdered in Detroit, he goes back to Beverly Hills to bring the killer, a security head for an amusement park, to justice. A decade after the first movie came the third one and not much has changed – except that the story … Continue reading Beverly Hills Cop III