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Bibi Andersson, 1935–2019

In the clip above, Ingmar Bergman and Bibi Andersson are guests on a 1971 episode of The Dick Cavett Show. After talking to the famous director, Cavett turns to Andersson and she is a little nervous. But she does catch Bergman with what is most likely a lie, and it embarrasses him. You can tell how … Continue reading Bibi Andersson, 1935–2019

Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING. HIS FINAL FILM.  Everybody in the film business has an opinion on Netflix. Theater owners are particularly upset about major awards going to Netflix movies that are being shown just a few weeks in theaters and then immediately being available for streaming. Others in Hollywood thank Netflix for giving them … Continue reading Other Side of the Wind: Welles’s White Whale

The African Queen: Romance on the River

THE GREATEST ADVENTURE A MAN EVER LIVED… WITH A WOMAN! Katharine Hepburn suffered for the sake of art. There she was, in Uganda and the Congo, shooting John Huston’s new movie together with Humphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall, whom she had become friends with. The African Queen opens with an amusing scene where … Continue reading The African Queen: Romance on the River

Treasure of the Sierra Madre: Fools’ Gold

STORMING TO A NEW HIGH IN HIGH ADVENTURE! This was always meant to be one of John Huston’s earliest films; after reading the novel in 1935, he thought of it as a vehicle for his father. The studio fancied George Raft, Edward G. Robinson and John Garfield in the leads… but then came World War … Continue reading Treasure of the Sierra Madre: Fools’ Gold

The Misfits

IT SHOUTS AND SINGS WITH LIFE… EXPLODES WITH LOVE! After getting divorced in Reno, Roslyn Taber (Marilyn Monroe) and a local friend (Thelma Ritter) hook up with an aging cowboy (Clark Gable) and his buddy (Eli Wallach); they all head out to the countryside. Known as both Monroe and Gable’s last movie, this film has … Continue reading The Misfits

Chinatown: Polanski’s Farewell to America

In the early days, Los Angeles was just a village. But as it grew in the late 19th century, it needed a better water supply. A decision was made to build an aqueduct that would bring water from the Owens Valley into the city, but the question of who owned water rights led to a … Continue reading Chinatown: Polanski’s Farewell to America

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

THEY WERE ALONE ON THIS PACIFIC ISLAND… TRAPPED BEHIND ENEMY LINES… THE MARINE WHO HAD BEEN THRU HELL AND SISTER ANGELA WITH HER SUPREME FAITH IN GOD. In 1944, Marine Corporal Allison (Robert Mitchum) is washed ashore a Southern Pacific island where he finds a nun (Deborah Kerr) and an abandoned settlement; she’s only been … Continue reading Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison


THEIR GOAL WAS FREEDOM… During WWII, Allied prisoners-of-war led by former soccer pro John Colby (Michael Caine) agree to play a show match against Germans, but will they use it as a means to escape? Loosely based on a real-life story, this film uses the familiar trappings of countless prison camp movies, but also casts … Continue reading Victory

Under the Volcano

NO SE PUEDE VIVIR SIN AMAR (ONE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LOVE). In the late 1930s, British consul Geoffrey Firmin (Albert Finney) spends the Day of the Dead in Mexico drinking heavily, in the presence of his estranged wife and half-brother (Jacqueline Bisset, Anthony Andrews). John Huston’s adaptation of the celebrated novel is faithful and engrossing. … Continue reading Under the Volcano

Maltese Falcon: Birth of an Icon

A GUY WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE! A DAME WITHOUT A HEART! George Raft used to be big in the 1930s. After making several gangster movies, he was offered the part of Sam Spade in a remake of The Maltese Falcon (1931). However, the contract he had with Warner Brothers allegedly stipulated that he didn’t have to do remakes, … Continue reading Maltese Falcon: Birth of an Icon

Moulin Rouge: Love on Its Knees

THE MOST STARTLING AND DARING LOVE STORY EVER TOLD! The tagline for this film is mystifying to me. First of all, there is nothing particularly daring or startling about the love story, and secondly it is the most depressing and tiresome part of the film. Still, it comes as no surprise since both parties hook … Continue reading Moulin Rouge: Love on Its Knees

Casino Royale

Sir James Bond (David Niven) is persuaded to come out of retirement to destroy the criminal organization SMERSH; as the new M, he gives every agent the name “James Bond” to confuse his enemies. A tremendous amount of money and talent lay behind this spoof of 007 flicks, which came at the right time, but turned out … Continue reading Casino Royale