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My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

Halloween is coming, and the dead shall rise from their graves. At least on a TV screen near you. We are awash in lists of the greatest horror movies ever made, and everybody’s trying to come up with a twist of their own. Well, I decided to just list my 12 favorites, a bunch of … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Horror Movies

Big Trouble in Little China

ADVENTURE DOESN’T COME ANY BIGGER! When a truck driver and his friend (Kurt Russell, Dennis Dun) go to the airport to pick up the latter’s Chinese fiancée, they’re thrown into an adventure that takes them to San Francisco’s Chinatown… The film that made John Carpenter turn his back on big-budget Hollywood projects has earned a … Continue reading Big Trouble in Little China

The Fog

WHEN THE FOG ROLLS IN… THE TERROR BEGINS! A California fishing town is about to celebrate its centennial when its dark, dirty past comes back to haunt them – in the shape of a thick fog. One of John Carpenter’s most popular thrillers, essentially a very simple but good old-fashioned ghost story, reunites him with Jamie … Continue reading The Fog

Prince of Darkness

WHERE ARE YOU…? CHRIST? A priest (Donald Pleasence) invites a professor (Victor Wong) and several students to examine a mysterious cylinder at an abandoned L.A. church; the liquid inside turns out to be Satan. One of director John Carpenter’s worst (and weirdest) horror movies originated out of his sincere interest in science as a way … Continue reading Prince of Darkness

Halloween: Stalked By the Boogeyman

THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME! Much is simple about John Carpenter’s Halloween. It didn’t cost much to make. The story is very straight-forward, the actors were not stars (except the veteran Donald Pleasance who lends gravitas to his part as the concerned psychiatrist) and since Carpenter had to write the music score in a few days, … Continue reading Halloween: Stalked By the Boogeyman

Ghosts of Mars

YOU DON’T STAND A GHOST OF A CHANCE. In 2176, Melanie Ballard (Natasha Henstridge) and fellow cops are assigned to transfer James Williams (Ice Cube) to a prison on Mars, but are faced with ghosts of the planet’s original inhabitants. Director John Carpenter showed a new low by virtually remaking Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) and setting it … Continue reading Ghosts of Mars