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Money Monster

WHO’S IN CONTROL? During a live broadcast of a financial talk show, a distraught young man (Jack O’Connell) takes the host (George Clooney) hostage and blames him for the loss of his savings. After directing episodes of TV shows, Jodie Foster returned to the silver screen with this thriller-drama that’s largely set in a TV … Continue reading Money Monster


A MESSAGE FROM DEEP SPACE. WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO GO? A JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE. When Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) suddenly hears a signal coming from the star Vega while working for a program that is exploring extraterrestrial life, the U.S. government quickly takes control of this historic event. Based … Continue reading Contact

The Brave One

HOW MANY WRONGS TO MAKE IT RIGHT? NYC radio host Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) and her boyfriend (Naveen Andrews) are attacked in Central Park; he is beaten to death and Erica’s grief isn’t relieved until she buys a gun and shoots the first criminal she sees. Death Wish (1974) gets a modern and surprisingly effective remake in the … Continue reading The Brave One

Silence of the Lambs: Quid Pro Quo

DR. HANNIBAL LECTER. BRILLIANT. CUNNING. PSYCHOTIC. IN HIS MIND LIES THE CLUE TO A RUTHLESS KILLER. CLARICE STARLING, F.B.I.. BRILLIANT. VULNERABLE. ALONE. SHE MUST TRUST HIM TO STOP THE KILLER. It is rumored that writer Thomas Harris has never seen the film adaptation of his novel “The Silence of the Lambs”. I don’t really believe … Continue reading Silence of the Lambs: Quid Pro Quo

Inside Man

IT LOOKED LIKE THE PERFECT BANK ROBBERY. BUT YOU CAN’T JUDGE A CRIME BY ITS COVER. When masked bank robbers take hostages, New York detective Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) is called to the scene; he finds himself matching wits with the gang’s leader (Clive Owen) and a mysterious power broker (Jodie Foster). Director Spike Lee’s … Continue reading Inside Man

Taxi Driver: Rough Justice

ON EVERY STREET, IN EVERY CITY, THERE’S A NOBODY WHO DREAMS OF BEING A SOMEBODY. Travis Bickle can’t stand the streets of New York. He’s waiting for the rain that will wash the trash off the streets, all the thieves, murderers, queers, pimps, hookers. They’re all the same to him. He can’t sleep, which is … Continue reading Taxi Driver: Rough Justice