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Nothing Like a Dame

YOU’RE INVITED. Simple but funny and charming – a conversation featuring four outstanding actresses who have all been knighted for their services to drama and also share a decades-long friendship. Eileen Atkins, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Joan Plowright gather for our benefit at the country cottage the latter shared with her late husband Laurence … Continue reading Nothing Like a Dame


A NATION FORGED IN BLOOD. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, a fur trapper (Al Pacino) and his son are reluctantly drawn into it; an aristocratic daughter (Nastassja Kinski) has more idealistic reasons to help the colonists. The box-office bomb that was so poorly received that Pacino didn’t make another movie for four years … Continue reading Revolution

The Spiderwick Chronicles

THEIR WORLD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.  Helen Grace (Mary-Louise Parker) moves with her children to the Spiderwick Estate in New England, where her twin sons (Freddie Highmore) soon discover that strange creatures wage a constant battle against even stranger, malevolent beings. Many fans of the popular books seemed to appreciate this screen adaptation; it … Continue reading The Spiderwick Chronicles

Tea with Mussolini

A STORY OF CIVILIZED DISOBEDIENCE.  Florence, 1935; Mary Wallace (Joan Plowright) takes care of an unloved boy and introduces him to a colorful group of expatriate British and American women called the Scorpioni. Franco Zeffirelli based this film on personal boyhood memories from World War II and tells the story of how the Scorpioni found … Continue reading Tea with Mussolini

A Pyromaniac’s Love Story

WARNING: THIS IS ONLY A LOVE STORY. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. A pastry shop burns down and Sergio Cuccio (John Leguizamo), who works there, is offered money to take the blame for the arson; he and his girlfriend could use it. A quaint little film populated by a variety of oddballs who all … Continue reading A Pyromaniac’s Love Story

Bringing Down the House

EVERYTHING HE NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT LIFE, SHE LEARNED IN PRISON. Attorney Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) finds out that the woman he’s been wooing in an Internet chat room really is a big, black ex-convict (Queen Latifah) who wants his help. This comedy of culture clashes has stereotypes, an obvious formula and a tendency to … Continue reading Bringing Down the House