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Bullets Over Broadway

A KILLER COMEDY! In 1920s New York, David Shayne (John Cusack) gets a chance to produce one of his plays on Broadway, but has to accept the casting of a gangster’s moll (Jennifer Tilly) in a lead role. One of Woody Allen’s most successful comedies in the 1990s takes a look at a clash between showbiz … Continue reading Bullets Over Broadway

The Cat’s Meow

THE WHISPER TOLD MOST OFTEN. In 1924, a group of famous Hollywood personalities gather for a trip on William Randolph Hearst’s (Edward Herrmann) yacht; movie director Thomas Ince (Cary Elwes) is subsequently shot. No one really knows what took place on that yacht, but writer Steven Peros has fashioned an interesting tale based on the … Continue reading The Cat’s Meow

The Muse

IN GODDESS WE TRUST. Screenwriter Steven Phillips (Albert Brooks) has lost his touch and enlists help from a muse called Sarah (Sharon Stone), but she doesn’t come cheap. Director Brooks’s message seems to be that Hollywood is full of frail egos that believe inspiration will come from anywhere but hard work. “Anywhere” in this case … Continue reading The Muse

Monsters, Inc.

YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYE. Another well-made, good-looking film from Pixar, this time about a community of monsters in a city whose power supply consists of screams from children who have encountered the monsters in their bedrooms. When a human girl accidentally winds up in the city, two of the monsters try to bring her … Continue reading Monsters, Inc.