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Hannah Arendt

HER IDEAS CHANGED THE WORLD.  In 1961, philosopher and writer Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) is covering the Adolf Eichmann trial in Israel for the New Yorker, but doesn’t realize that her thoughts on the actions of Jewish leaders during the Holocaust will create a scandal… Margarethe von Trotta has depicted women in political dramas before … Continue reading Hannah Arendt

The Honourable Woman

WOULD YOU TRUST THIS WOMAN? Anglo-Israeli businesswoman Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is working hard on a project that will connect the West Bank with optical fibre cables, but then the son of a close friend is kidnapped… The man behind The Shadow Line (2011) delivered another complex and exciting, well-directed miniseries, one portraying the eternal … Continue reading The Honourable Woman


ONE CHOICE CAN DESTROY YOU.  Tris and Four (Shailene Woodley, Theo James) are on the run from Jeanine Mathews (Kate Winslet), while she is trying to find a Divergent with powers strong enough to open a mysterious box. A new director and writers make sure that this sequel to Divergent (2014) has more action and … Continue reading Insurgent


EVIL HAS A BEGINNING.  After being betrayed and violated by a boy who wants to be king, a fairy (Angelina Jolie) gets her revenge years later by cursing his newborn daughter. A dark interpretation of the “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale that turns the tables and humanizes the wicked Maleficent. As in Snow White and the … Continue reading Maleficent

Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

When Glenn Kessler, his younger brother Todd and Daniel Zelman got together to create a new legal show, their idea was not to follow the same path as Law & Order or David E. Kelley. There would be no lengthy courtroom showdowns, or any Boston Legal-type comedy stunts. In fact, Damages was serious business and … Continue reading Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

Albert Nobbs

We are all disguised as ourselves. In 19th century Dublin, a woman (Glenn Close) has created a life for herself as a man, working in a hotel as a waiter. Close’s labor of love, a role she first played on stage in 1982, finally reached the screens; reviews were mixed and the box office disappointing, … Continue reading Albert Nobbs

The Woman in Black

WHAT DID THEY SEE? In the early 1900s, young widower Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is sent by his employer to an English village where he’s to handle the paperwork regarding the sale of a large manor – that might just be haunted. Radcliffe’s first challenge after the Harry Potter movies is an old-fashioned, engaging ghost … Continue reading The Woman in Black

Into the Storm

A RELENTLESS LEADER IS THE GREATEST WEAPON OF WAR.  As World War II begins, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Brendan Gleeson) realizes that it might turn into the highlight of his life. The sequel to The Gathering Storm (2002) has a new director and cast, but writer Hugh Whitemore continues right where he left off, portraying Churchill’s strengths … Continue reading Into the Storm