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Playing for Time

During World War II, the French singer and pianist Fania Fénelon (Vanessa Redgrave) is sent to Auschwitz where she’s hired to perform together with a women’s orchestra. A critically acclaimed TV movie that came on the heels of the miniseries Holocaust (1978), presented like a play by Arthur Miller. Set in filthy, sparsely furnished camp … Continue reading Playing for Time

Mr. Morgan’s Last Love

A few years after Matthew Morgan (Michael Caine) loses his wife, he’s still living in Paris without ever having learned French; one day he gets to know a 60 years younger dance teacher (Clémence Poésy)… What may sound like a tawdry romance written only to flatter its aging male star is more believable than that, … Continue reading Mr. Morgan’s Last Love

Sunshine State

GREETINGS FROM SUNSHINE STATE. John Sayles has always been a socially conscious filmmaker, which is obvious also in this amusing and engaging movie about a small town in northern Florida where race relations and environmental issues surface. There’s no lead character, but an ensemble of people who are all equally interesting to follow. Sayles’s message … Continue reading Sunshine State

Terminator Salvation

THE END BEGINS. In 2018, John Connor (Christian Bale) thinks he has found a way to defeat the deadly machines, but he also needs to track down a teenager (Anton Yelchin) who will be crucial to the future of mankind. The fourth film in the series is the first without Arnold Schwarzenegger, though his T-101 has … Continue reading Terminator Salvation

Glory: From Slaves to Soldiers

THEIR INNOCENCE. THEIR HERITAGE. THEIR LIVES. NOTHING WOULD BE SPARED IN THE FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM. One of the best films of 1989 has also become one of the best-loved movies ever made about the American Civil War. As in the case of Gettysburg (1993), the filmmakers tried to stay close to the real events and details … Continue reading Glory: From Slaves to Soldiers

All the President’s Men: Exposing a CREEP

THE MOST DEVASTATING DETECTIVE STORY OF THE CENTURY! When I was in journalism school, I took a course in investigative journalism. That particular genre is still the finest you can do as a news writer; expose fraud, challenge authorities. It’s not what I do nowadays but I’m not sure it’s my thing after all. Still, … Continue reading All the President’s Men: Exposing a CREEP

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

New York City, 1958; Diane Arbus (Nicole Kidman) is an assistant to her photographer husband (Ty Burrell), but their new, mysterious neighbor (Robert Downey, Jr.) triggers her own interest in the art. Director Steven Shainberg made the controversial Secretary (2002) and this one may also provoke audiences. Not really a biography of Arbus, but a … Continue reading Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

City Heat

WHEN A HOTSHOT COP AND A WISE-GUY DETECTIVE GET TOGETHER… THE HEAT IS ON! Some time in the 1930s, private eye Mike Murphy’s (Burt Reynolds) partner is murdered and he is forced to team up with Speer (Clint Eastwood), a cop he hates, to find the killer. Old buddies Clint and Burt keep arguing, but … Continue reading City Heat