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Out in the Dark

LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES. Palestinian psychology student Nimer Mashrawi (Nicholas Jacob) falls in love with an Israeli attorney (Michael Aloni), but needs to keep it a secret from his family for cultural and practical reasons. The director’s feature debut is a classic love story where the character’s infatuation is the only pure thing, threatened by … Continue reading Out in the Dark

The Honourable Woman

WOULD YOU TRUST THIS WOMAN? Anglo-Israeli businesswoman Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is working hard on a project that will connect the West Bank with optical fibre cables, but then the son of a close friend is kidnapped… The man behind The Shadow Line (2011) delivered another complex and exciting, well-directed miniseries, one portraying the eternal … Continue reading The Honourable Woman

The Gatekeepers: Protecting the Homeland

Many documentaries with controversial elements are easy to dismiss. Rightwing commentators in the U.S. have never found it particularly difficult to ridicule the work of Michael Moore, for instance, since his films are strictly editorialized. They feature real people and are skillfully assembled, but in the end they are opinions on gun control, capitalism, health … Continue reading The Gatekeepers: Protecting the Homeland

Carlos: International Man of Mystery

THE MAN WHO HIJACKED THE WORLD. I started watching one of the considerably shorter movie versions that were edited down from this original miniseries, thinking that would suffice. About an hour into the story I realized that this won’t do – the abridged version would not be good enough, so I got the miniseries on … Continue reading Carlos: International Man of Mystery

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

LATHER. RINSE. SAVE THE WORLD. The most skilled and deadly of Israel’s elite soldiers, Zohan (Adam Sandler), fakes his own death in order to make a new life for himself in New York as a professional hair stylist. Watching this film is frustrating. I laughed at several sequences; there’s funny ideas here, a cheerful silliness, … Continue reading You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Paradise Now: Two Friends, Two Belts

IN THE NEXT 36 HOURS, TWO CHILDHOOD FRIENDS MAY DO THE UNTHINKABLE. The controversy surrounding the 2006 Oscar nomination for this film in the Foreign Language category is typical of the most famous, and tiresome, conflict in the world. Paradise Now was originally submitted to the Academy Awards as a film from Palestine – which … Continue reading Paradise Now: Two Friends, Two Belts

Munich: No Promise of Peace

THE WORLD WAS WATCHING IN 1972 AS 11 ISRAELI ATHLETES WERE MURDERED AT THE MUNICH OLYMPICS. THIS IS THE STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.  It was in a Time Magazine article shortly after the release of Munich that its director, Steven Spielberg, expressed a hope that the film would bring Palestinians and Israelis together. Perhaps … Continue reading Munich: No Promise of Peace