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The Gathering Storm

GERMANY WAS ARMING ITSELF FOR WAR. BUT THEY DIDN’T COUNT ON ONE MAN. During the 1930s, Winston Churchill experienced some of his most depressing years as a politician; it looked as if his career was over. He kept talking about how Germany’s new leaders were preparing for war and that Britain was in grave danger, … Continue reading The Gathering Storm

The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy

I remember turning on the TV early on the morning of August 31, 1997. CNN was just telling the world that Princess Diana had died in a car crash in Paris. She had turned into a beloved icon and it was hard to believe that she had just died at the tender age of 36. Still, it … Continue reading The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy


A poor Argentine girl goes to Buenos Aires, becomes a model and an actress and eventually marries President Juan Perón (Jonathan Pryce). The focus may lie on the controversial character Evita who was loved by many Argentineans, but taking the real-life turmoil of the time and making it the stuff of Broadway entertainment makes one feel … Continue reading Evita

The Quiet American

IN WAR, THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IS SEDUCTION. Saigon, 1952; British journalist Thomas Fowler (Michael Caine) befriends American visitor Alden Pyle (Brendan Fraser), but realizes that the quiet gentleman has a hidden agenda… as well as his eyes on Fowler’s mistress. Finally a remake worth making. The 1958 movie version of the Graham Greene novel … Continue reading The Quiet American

Welcome to Sarajevo

FOR THIS CELEBRATED, OUTRAGEOUS, ADRENALINE-LOVING BUNCH OF REPORTERS, HOME IS THE LATEST WAR ZONE. NOW, ONE OF THEM IS ABOUT TO DO THE UNTHINKABLE – GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED. Michael Henderson, a British correspondent (Stephen Dillane) covering the conflict in former Yugoslavia from Sarajevo, promises a little girl to take her away from the horrors. Similar … Continue reading Welcome to Sarajevo