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The Comedians

THEY LIE, THEY CHEAT, THEY DESTROY… THEY EVEN TRY TO LOVE. A group of Westerners spend time in “Papa Doc” Duvalier’s Haiti, trying to find ways to get along with the regime until there’s only two choices left – either escape or rebel. Graham Greene’s novel angered Duvalier much and the screen adaptation hardly put … Continue reading The Comedians

Comedy of Power

Judge Jeanne Charmant-Killman (Isabelle Huppert) begins an investigation of a businessman (François Berléand); the closer she comes to the corruption in political and business circles, the more threats she receives. Director Claude Chabrol based this laidback portrayal of the worst members of France’s ruling elite on the early-nineties Elf Affair in that country. Huppert is … Continue reading Comedy of Power

The Corporation: Birth of a “Person”

2004 was the year when documentary filmmakers declared war on conservatives. It was the year when Michael Moore won the Palme d’Or for bitch-slapping the Bush administration in Fahrenheit 9/11. It was the year when the entire Fox News Channel was taken to task in Robert Greenwald’s Outfoxed. And it was the year when a … Continue reading The Corporation: Birth of a “Person”

The Gathering Storm

GERMANY WAS ARMING ITSELF FOR WAR. BUT THEY DIDN’T COUNT ON ONE MAN. During the 1930s, Winston Churchill experienced some of his most depressing years as a politician; it looked as if his career was over. He kept talking about how Germany’s new leaders were preparing for war and that Britain was in grave danger, … Continue reading The Gathering Storm


IN 1960 CHRISTINE KEELER MET MANDY RICE-DAVIES. THREE YEARS LATER THEY BROUGHT DOWN THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.  The Profumo affair of the 1960s, where the British War Secretary was revealed to have had relations with a model who was also sleeping with a potential Russian spy, has become the ultimate symbol of sex scandals in politics. … Continue reading Scandal

Darwin’s Nightmare

This Oscar-nominated documentary tells the unlikely story of how the nile perch, a fish, was inserted in Lake Victoria a few decades ago and how it subsequently ruined the ecological balance, affecting the entire economy of Tanzania. Now, the starving population makes a living fishing the nile perch in large quantities for foreign companies that … Continue reading Darwin’s Nightmare

The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy

I remember turning on the TV early on the morning of August 31, 1997. CNN was just telling the world that Princess Diana had died in a car crash in Paris. She had turned into a beloved icon and it was hard to believe that she had just died at the tender age of 36. Still, it … Continue reading The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy


A poor Argentine girl goes to Buenos Aires, becomes a model and an actress and eventually marries President Juan Perón (Jonathan Pryce). The focus may lie on the controversial character Evita who was loved by many Argentineans, but taking the real-life turmoil of the time and making it the stuff of Broadway entertainment makes one feel … Continue reading Evita

The Quiet American

IN WAR, THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IS SEDUCTION. Saigon, 1952; British journalist Thomas Fowler (Michael Caine) befriends American visitor Alden Pyle (Brendan Fraser), but realizes that the quiet gentleman has a hidden agenda… as well as his eyes on Fowler’s mistress. Finally a remake worth making. The 1958 movie version of the Graham Greene novel … Continue reading The Quiet American