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Where to Invade Next

PREPARE TO BE LIBERATED. The director’s Sicko (2007) explored the problems with the American healthcare system and looked abroad to see how differently other countries took care of their people. This documentary continues in the same way, with Michael Moore leading a military-style charge toward Europe and North Africa, “invading” countries like Norway, Tunisia, Germany, … Continue reading Where to Invade Next

The Square: Children of a Revolution

THE PEOPLE DEMAND THE DOWNFALL OF THE REGIME. Jehane Noujaim is an internationally renowned documentary filmmaker who years ago formed a professional relationship with D.A. Pennebaker and made Startup.com (2001), a film about the late 1990s Internet bubble. Her father is Egyptian and part of her childhood was spent in Cairo. Eventually, she moved to … Continue reading The Square: Children of a Revolution

Grace of Monaco

THE GREATEST ROLE GRACE KELLY WOULD EVER PLAY. In 1963, at a time when France is challenging Monaco’s sovereignty, Princess Grace (Nicole Kidman) is offered to return to Hollywood for a lead role in a Hitchcock movie. After delays, public protests from Monaco’s royal family and signs of disapproval from the film’s distributors came this … Continue reading Grace of Monaco

5 Days of War

THEIR ONLY WEAPON IS THE TRUTH. In 2008, a year after losing his girlfriend in Iraq, war correspondent Thomas Anders (Rupert Friend) goes to Georgia where a conflict is brewing with Russia over South Ossetia. Not many reasonable people would sympathize with Russia and its overly aggressive behavior during its 2008 war with Georgia, but … Continue reading 5 Days of War

Missing: Bloodied Hands

Former U.S. Ambassador to Chile Nathaniel Davis was not pleased when he saw this film. Although his name is never mentioned in it, nor is Chile, it is clear that Davis saw himself in the film’s less than helpful ambassador. Thinking he had a case, especially since his name is mentioned in Thomas Hauser’s book … Continue reading Missing: Bloodied Hands

The Gatekeepers: Protecting the Homeland

Many documentaries with controversial elements are easy to dismiss. Rightwing commentators in the U.S. have never found it particularly difficult to ridicule the work of Michael Moore, for instance, since his films are strictly editorialized. They feature real people and are skillfully assembled, but in the end they are opinions on gun control, capitalism, health … Continue reading The Gatekeepers: Protecting the Homeland

Terror’s Advocate

DICTATORS. TERRORISTS. WAR CRIMINALS. MEET THE MAN WHO DEFENDED THEM ALL. The director behind Reversal of Fortune (1990) returned to the courtroom, but this time for a simple, straight-forward documentary about one of the world’s most famous (and infamous) attorneys, Jacques Vergés. With unmistakable delight, often with a cigar in his hand, the lawyer invites … Continue reading Terror’s Advocate