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Stanley Donen, 1924–2019

In the clip above, from the 1998 Oscars, Martin Scorsese presents that year’s winner of the Honorary Academy Award, Stanley Donen. There’s a lovely montage featuring some of the best scenes from Donen’s movies and then the man himself steps out, receives his Oscar and goes on to sing and dance! One of the best … Continue reading Stanley Donen, 1924–2019

My 12 Favorite Ingmar Bergman Movies

It’s the year of Ingmar Bergman. The master filmmaker would have been 100 years old and his legacy has been celebrated all year, far beyond Sweden’s borders. He remains one of my favorite directors – few others have been able to penetrate our deepest and darkest emotions in such frequently powerful ways. Bergman’s films have … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Ingmar Bergman Movies

Ingrid Bergman – In Her Own Words

Documentarian and writer Stig Björkman offers an intimate look at one of the most famous movie stars ever, using her private diary notes and film recordings of life with her family – or families, rather, since Ingrid Bergman’s incurable restlessness was a defining part of her personality. Meeting her adult children, all four of them, … Continue reading Ingrid Bergman – In Her Own Words

For Whom the Bell Tolls

THUNDEROUS! TENDER! TOUCHING! American Robert Jordan (Gary Cooper), fighting in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Republicans, intends to blow up an important bridge and joins a small band of fighters. One of Ernest Hemingway’s most famous novels became a huge hit and earned nine Oscar nominations. Radiant in Technicolor, director Sam … Continue reading For Whom the Bell Tolls

Autumn Sonata

  A famous concert pianist (Ingrid Bergman) visits her daughter (Liv Ullmann) in Sweden; the animosity between them is obvious, caused by the mother’s previous lack of presence. During the making of this film, director Ingmar Bergman was going through several crises (not least fighting government auditors) but it doesn’t really show in this passionate, … Continue reading Autumn Sonata

Notorious: Spy Games

THE SCREEN’S TOP ROMANTIC STARS IN A MELODRAMATIC MASTERPIECE! In the mid-40s, the legendary Hollywood producer David O. Selznick had plenty of opinions about the casting of Alfred Hitchcock’s upcoming thriller Notorious. He preferred Joseph Cotten over Cary Grant in the lead role, especially since he owned Cotten’s contract. In the end, he lost the … Continue reading Notorious: Spy Games


RAGING ISLAND… RAGING PASSIONS! Lithuanian refugee Karin Björnsen (Ingrid Bergman) marries an Italian fisherman (Mario Vitale) after the war, but finds the island he calls home a horrible, desolate place. The infamous movie where Bergman fell in love with the director (and found her career grinding to a halt) is still technically an classic example … Continue reading Stromboli

Casablanca: You Must Remember This

THEY HAD A DATE WITH FATE IN CASABLANCA! Casablanca was just another movie meant to bolster the spirit of American audiences at a time when the nation had just entered an exceptionally bloody war against three nations. The director had plenty of experience, but he also had somewhat of an assembly-line approach to filmmaking and this … Continue reading Casablanca: You Must Remember This

The Yellow Rolls-Royce

EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN THE YELLOW ROLLS-ROYCE! Following the success of The V.I.P.s (1963), the Anthony Asquith-Terence Rattigan duo reunited for another stylish piece of fluff where wealthy people deal with love and betrayal. The movie is divided into three chapters, set in different decades, anchored by a yellow Rolls-Royce; the first introduces us to an … Continue reading The Yellow Rolls-Royce